AAWC #3 – Where the Golden People Walk

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           Whoop-whoop! It’s Challenge 3 of AAWC, and do you know what? Team Summer is in the lead! 😀 Keep it up, team! Anyways, for today’s story I only used on prompt:

         I hope you enjoy this tale of old, (not really) and yippee for AAWC!

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Where the Golden People Walk

             Summer. Normally for fun-loving, carefree me, it meant parties, pools and days of monotony and pleasure. But not this year. Not since Mom had been diagnosed with brain cancer. We had prayed together for healing, but when the doctors had flatly told her that there was no hope and had sent her back home, we prepared ourselves for the best.

           I was sitting by her bedside now, her hand tightly clutching mine. Those gentle, kind, motherly brown eyes sparkled now, even in the gates of death. Even to the end, she wore a beautiful smile on her face. It was almost pitiful – reminding me of a dying rose. So hopeful, yet hopeless.


         “Janina,” Mom spoke suddenly, interrupting the tranquility that is born in a peaceful deathbed.

         “Yes, Mom?” I asked gently.

        “I’m about to die,” the abruptness almost stunned me. “But I’m not afraid, and I want you to know that. I don’t want you to be afraid, either.”

         “Oh, Mom-Mom!” I cried chokingly.

         “I’m dying, and that’s the end of it,” replied Mom, squeezing my hand. “But, I’m glad. My only regret is you. I wish I could have lived to see a little bit more of your future, but since I can’t, I want you to keep on living with your whole heart and soul. Never be afraid – just trust. I’ll always be with you. You can’t see me, but I will be with you forever. We’re going to meet again, one day in Heaven, with our Lord in the rule of a perfect world – just think, Janina!” Mom laughed suddenly. “No pain, no sickness, no death, no sadness, no cancer. We’ll be happy.”


       “But until then?” I whispered. I tried to keep back my tears – not when she was alive, not when she could see.

        “Keep on hoping, keep on dreaming, keep on trusting, keep your faith,” Mom looked keenly into my eyes. “Dance – don’t walk – in every step of life. I dream of a Heaven where the predators and prey shake hands in harmony.”

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        “I dream of a Heaven where everything is so beautiful, that if you were on earth, your eyes would not be able to stand it. I dream of a Heaven, where all the people who have suffered and wept, dance and sing with rejoicing,” Mom gave me a smile. “But until your own time, I want you to dance and sing with rejoicing here, on earth. Life is a golden blessing, and we must treasure it until our time.”


        “I’ll try,” I swallowed hard. “Oh, Mom, I’ll try my best.”

        Mom fell back on her pillows with a thud, her eyes filled with the spark of dreaming joy.

       “I can see them now,” she whispered. “Walking among the clouds. I can see love and beauty and peace. I can see the golden people walking – I can see…Him.”

        The light of life slowly died out of her courageous eyes. I bent over her, and gently closed her eyes.

        “Goodbye, Mom,” I whispered through my tears. “May you dance where the golden people walk without any pain. May you sing with the songs of the angels. I love you.”

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             Points Earned: 28

      This story was pretty short, but I really had nothing else to say! I hope you enjoyed this entry and good luck to the rest of you!

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