The Great Plot-Bunny Roundup!

Greeting 2

         BLEH. I have gone through three plots, and all of them flopped on me. *glares at them* *realizes that I made them so I should be glaring at myself* *tries to do said glaring at self* *realizes that’s physically impossible* *gives up* Hmm…so that’s what goes on in my brain every day. XD

        All of the ideas, I really just love, but all of them as well…UGH. So that is why we are gathered here today for YOU to decide which one I should continue! Because what the personality test says: “If caught between a rock and a hard place, Protagonists can be stricken with paralysis, imagining all the consequences of their actions, especially if those consequences are humanitarian.” My, how dramatic…ally accurate!

         So, let’s cut the introduction because nobody really wants to read them. So, without further ado, I present to you, the… post! XD


PicMonkey Sample

Counting the Snowflakes 

WIP #1 Estab. 1/20/18



Snowcrest and Icewynne are at war – two fantasy kingdoms. Icewynne captures fifteen boys and fifteen girls from Snowcrest. Ten years later, they offer a competition to create a gift for the king. Split into six teams, the winning team gets to go back home, and the losing one can’t stay alive.


  The hostage place of Captive Cabins which is in the enemy kingdom of Icewynne, where everything is just…ice.


First person, past tense.


Wyndetta Snowdust: Dark red hair//blue eyes//shy//meek//quiet//hides feelings//helps people//French//seventeen

Aria Snowdance: Golden hair//green eyes//lively//sensitive//spunky//bold//loves to sing//Scottish/sixteen

Lyla Snowbird: Dark brown hair//brown eyes//motherly//protective//resolute//excellent communicator//Indian//eighteen

Vivia Snowbird: Dark brown hair//brown eyes//spunky//athletic//caring//loves to run//Indian//ten

Echo of Icewynne: Black hair//violet eyes//anxious//loving//emotional//kind//princess of Icewynne//Korean//fifteen


         Counting the Snowflakes was the first of my plots, and I automatically fell in love with the storyline. Wyndetta has a lot of fear so I would look forward to creating her character arch! I would also definitely love writing about the side characters – especially Lyla and Aria, although Lyla might just…okay, no more, because if I say more, the whole book will be spoiled!

The Virtue Sisters

WIP #2 Estab. 1/22/18



The Hilton Sisters are exactly the opposite of their names – Hope, Faith, Charity, Grace, Patience, and Joy. They’re a trial to their family and disliked in their town. But when influenza rampages through killing many including their own, the six sisters slowly begin to learn that life is valuable and that they’ve been wasting it all the time which leads to a nursing organization until…


The small town of Camden, Maine, 1876.


The third person, past tense.


Hope Hilton: Blonde hair//blue eyes//pessimistic//thoughtless//haughty//dismal//nineteen

Faith Hilton: Brown hair//blue eyes//worrisome//dramatic//anxious//seventeen

Charity Hilton: Caramel hair//gray eyes//selfish//miserly//quiet//stuck-up//twelve

Grace Hilton: Golden hair//gray eyes//unforgiving//merciless//cold//nine

Patience Hilton: Brown hair//green eyes//quick-tempered//angry//nine

Joy Hilton: Blonde hair//blue eyes//sad//weepy//cries at lot//one and a half


    I honestly think that the characters would be a lot of fun to write out, and of course, they’d be extremely easy to develop – their flaws are pretty much the point of the whole book! But when I tried…it just well…flopped…I feel like I could save it though – it still has hope (pun intended)

Rivergate Sea

WIP #3 Estab. 1/27/18


Two best friends are playing water nymphs by the lakeside but their fun game gets turned around when they actually become water nymphs and can’t get back to their home without performing a load of impossible tasks in their new underwater home of Rivergate Sea.


The underwater world of Rivergate Sea.


The third person, past tense.


Viviana Liang: Dark hair//brown eyes//energetic//friendly//sensitive//quick temper//Chinese//ten

Elaina Zeller: Brown hair//blue eyes//thoughtful//introverted//cheerful//changeable//German-Irish//eleven

Oceana: Black hair//dark blue eyes//firm//authorative//powerful//smart//wise//leadership skills//thirty-five


Hmm…this is based on a game my friend Genevieve and I once played, which I thought might be a good plot at the time. I was reading through my old documents the other day, and I found this one, which I thought did have potential. So, I tried polishing it up a bit…but it didn’t quite work…

PicMonkey Sample

       Alright, so let me know in the comments which one you want me to continue writing! Or, if you’re lazy, ;), here’s a poll!

         It ends in a week, so be quick to vote, and have a wonderful week!

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33 thoughts on “The Great Plot-Bunny Roundup!

  1. All of these sound so awesome! How do you come up with these! :O 😉 But if I had to choose one, I’d pick Counting The Snowflakes or The Virtue Sisters. 🙂 I’m so excited to read them if you post them here; but better, if you publish it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There are five girls across the street from where I live and their names are Hope, Faith, Grace, Joy and Patience! And the mother’s name is Charity!! They even have a cousin named Mercy!
    I voted for The Virtue Sisters.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re a protagonist? So am I! Buddiessss!!!
    I personally think Counting the Snowflakes sounds the most interesting because of the diversity/different charries. (Though I have to ask – where are the fifteen boys? We need to see them cuz I have this thing for male charries XD)

    Liked by 1 person

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