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              AH, these challenges go by so fast! :O I believe there’s only one more left?? Well anyways, I’m quite excited about today’s entry, and I hope you are too! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

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            It was February the 12th, two days before a very special holiday. Valentine Aphrodite lived in the utopia of Diamond where the holidays dwelt and planned. The girl was popular – especially among teen boys – with dark red hair, gray eyes, and a smooth complexion. At this moment just before noon, she was talking with her best friend Easter.


         “Hey Easter,” Valentine leaned on her elbows and bent forward from her seat on a mossy stone. “Have you heard the latest news? New Year’s totally dumped Independence Day! Can you believe it?”

        “I don’t really think that we should talk about that…” began Easter, her blue eyes looking anxious.

        “Oh, but it’s fascinating,” insisted Valentine. “And you know, they’re so similar! Both hyper, crazy, love fireworks…it makes me sick. But they were so dedicated to one another, like oh. My. Gosh, it was crazy.”

        Easter was quiet – when it was winter, she had no power to contradict Valentine’s words. Her friend dominated her, and Easter had nothing to really do but submit. At least, until spring. Then, Easter was the strongest of all.


        “How have Thanksgiving and Halloween been doing?” queried Easter, referring to their friends who had just gotten engaged.

        “Uh, amazing,” exclaimed Valentine, rolling her eyes. “Which is so weird, because they’re like total opposite, oh. My. Gosh. Like it’s soo weird – but I guess opposites attract, L-O-L. I have no idea what their married life will be like – seriously though…Halloween’s just so dark, you know. Like, L-O-L.”

         “Um…well how about Christmas?” offered Easter, who was getting a little sick of relationship status discussions.

        “Christmas,” Valentine wrinkled her nose, who was at feud with the holiday for no good reason. “Um, he’s just Christmas. Unpopular, single, like a total loser, L-O-L.”

            What the girl was not aware of was that Christmas was listening right behind her hiding behind a bush.


          “Valentine,” protested Easter, twisting a strand of yellow hair. “You know that not true, Christmas–“

         “Uh, it is totally true!” cut in Valentine. “He literally is the worst. Like, who likes him?”

         “Everybody,” sniffed Easter, picking up a bit of her dignity. “Valentine, who doesn’t like Christmas?”


          “Well, not me!” said Valentine emphatically, tossing her head. “I have no respect for him – like seriously! Easter, let’s just talk about the fact that he’s single.”

          “Ya know, Valentine, you’re single,” Easter pointed out. “And I am too!”

         “You didn’t just say that!” cried Valentine quickly. “But ugh, Christmas. He is honestly so lame. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about him! He makes awful jokes too – like, ‘Did you just shoot down, and possibly kill. Santa?’ So bad, right?”

         “B-but,” spluttered Easter.

         “Be quiet,” said Valentine cruelly, then repented when she saw Easter’s hurt face. “Oh, sorry, but come on, let’s go find New Year’s.”

            So off the girl skipped with no idea how much her words had crushed one poor boy’s heart.


         Christmas had always had a rather high-esteem of himself – after all, wasn’t he the most loved holiday of all? But now…Valentine had kind of…destroyed him. He was starting to feel that maybe people did think of him like that, maybe he wasn’t so great, and that he was…lame. Christmas’s happy thoughts seemed to be slowly rippling away from his depressed soul.


          Later that night, Christmas made a decision. If he was so hated, then why should he stay in Diamond? He would go to Skyland – he had friends there and he needed a bit of time to scatter his thoughts in that beautiful heaven of blueness and clouds. Yes, that was what he would do. Christmas sprang out of his bed and began to pack for his journey.


        The next day, there was a huge sensation. Christmas was gone! The entire population of Diamond went crazy, and several search parties were sent to seek him. When Valentine heard about it, her first thought was a sudden horror about what if Christmas had heard her? She tried to hide the thought and covered it up with disgust that people were making such a big deal about him. But inside, she was really scared. What had she done? She wanted desperately to see anything, feel anything, hear anything maybe like, “Have you seen the headline of today’s newspaper? Christmas is back!” Yes, really anything.


       The news grew worse – Christmas couldn’t be found anywhere, but evidence pointed to the fact that he might be in the Dark Woods – literally as well as figuratively. They were right – he had made his way to that black place of which he was not aware of.


          Christmas clung to his parcel tightly – was that tree moving? No, it was just his imagination. Or was it…oh, wasn’t that a wolf that he could hear? No, it was probably a cricket. A cricket! No way, that was definitely a wolf, and they were coming for him…Christmas tried to dismiss the thought as an illusion, but he couldn’t. He walked around nervously…he was starting to regret going on this journey at all, but it was too late to turn back now. Then, something shadowy crept behind him, leaped, and everything soon became a distant memory as he faded into unconsciousness.



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         Yay, so that’s it for today’s entry, and I’m really excited to finish it in the next round! 😀 Hopefully it has struck your interest…nah, probably not. 😛 Au Revoir!

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