~ The Burn//A Freestyle Poem ~

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             Hello! I am sitting in an airport expecting to wait for two hours and then hop on a fifteen-hour flight. Let me repeat that, FIFTEEN HOURS. So, since I brought my laptop and the airport has free wifi, *happy dance* why not blog” So, I’m bringing today a freestyle poem that I am making up as I go along. So, I’m going to rip off the “I’m Possible” quote and say that it will be imperfection. But the word itself says I’m Perfection. So original.

PicMonkey Sample

The Burn



In your hair.

At the track

Ready to fly.


Others see you

They smile

They laugh.

They are scornful.

But they do not know

That you have the fire of a champion.


You start to run.

To fly.

To dream.

Your legs start to burn.

Burn down and down.

There is a fire raging through you.

And it is burning you down.


But you will not give up.

No, you will keep on fighting.

Yes, you may stumble, gasp and fall.

But you will not give up,

Even though you feel the burn.


The others soon pass you

You’re left behind.

They knock you down and you can’t get up.

The wind’s knocked out of you

And the burn of pain and exhaustion

Overcomes you, takes over you.


You lie there crying and hurting

Every dream has crumbled down.

Until you feel a new burn.

A burn of renewed energy and hope.


So you pick yourself up.

You brush off the dust.

You start to run again, fly again, dream again.

For, you have a burn.


The burn of hard work

The burn of devastating hurt.

The burn of going through.

Even when you wanted to cry.

You have the burn.

PicMonkey Sample

       That was surprisingly easy which probably meant that it was bad. 😛 Well, I’ll see you soon for either a fun post, a serious post, or a writing post. I still haven’t decided…XD. Only one more hour to go until the flight! 😀

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Do you like flying? Do you like subways? What your favorite genre of poetry?

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