~ Adieu Until April ~

Greeting 2

         So long, farewell, I hate to say Adieu…BUT NOT FOREVER. I’m pretty sure half of you are freaking out because I’ve slowly been departing the rest of my blogs (Poem in My Pocket is open to the public if you’re interested!) but the only thing I’m doing is taking a hiatus until…April, probably?

        The reasons behind this are simple: Blogging is taking way. Too. Much. Of. My. Time. Every time I get on the computer, I am immediately tempted to go on blogs and just well…you know how hours just kind of disappear when you look at blog posts. XD

        I’ve been neglecting a LOT of things for the sake of this blog, which is why I am completely leaving the INTERNET until April. I might pop in on the 27th for a birthday post, but that’s probably all. 😛

I will not be commenting on your posts, posting myself, etc. etc. Basically, I am COMPLETELY inactive.

        Alright, that concludes this post, and adieu! Honestly, I’m really excited to take a break…XDDD

Sing of


31 thoughts on “~ Adieu Until April ~

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU, YOU’RE A HUNDRED AND TWO! YOU LOOK — wait, wrong song. Let’s start over.
    confetti falls
    clapping and cheering
    cuts birthday cake
    (it is your birthday, right? XD)

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    1. Who, me? Nah, my birthday’s on April 27th! … ……… …. …….. …………. ………………………… …………

      Nope, I’m messing with you. XD This comment made me laugh and smile while everybody stared at me because I just spat out all my tea. XD
      THANK YOU SO MUCH MY AMAZING REBEKAH. You are so, so sweet!
      P.S. I popped back in to write a birthday post, so that’s my excuse for replying to this comment. XD

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