Misty’s Request

Greeting 2

            One evening, Misty Marshmallow Li the puppy made a request.

           “Enni,” she said, cocking her little head from side to side. “What are you doing on that thing?” she pointed her nose at the computer.

         “I’m blogging,” explained Enni. “When you blog, you can create a website and then write things on it for people to read and comment on. It’s really fun!”

         “I think I want a blog,” announced Misty.

         “You do?” Enni had heard many surprising things said by Misty before, but not anything like this. “Well, alright. What do you want to call it?”

         “I don’t know,” Misty said, sticking her tongue out. “You choose.”

        Eventually, they decided on the name “The Paw-Some Press.” Misty chose out a theme and instructed Enni one what she wanted the design to look like. Her ideals consisted of paw-prints and mud all over the place, which was exactly what Enni thought would be the worst thing possible for a blog. The end result pleased both, however.

Screenshot (19).png

       So, we encourage you to go and see what Enni and Misty have come up with – if you like it, you might even follow The Paw-Some Press. Beware though – MISTY WILL LICK YOU!

Make Misty Happy

        Whoop, whoop, thank you all so much and have a good night – look forward to a post about the pros and cons of a unique name later. 🙂

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