Trials and Triumphs: Unique Names

       Alright, so before we get going – I want you all to do something. If you are on the hideous reader, go ahead and switch to my site. I…revamped it. Don’t worry – nothing too drastic, it’s just a little bit more simplistic and well…uh…blue. XD

       All people with unique names will relate to the feeling of joy when somebody finally, finally pronounces/spells it right. Honestly, I could dance I feel so excited – literally. But…there’s other ups and downs too, which is why this post exists. Great.

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1. Spelling


             So you know that feeling when somebody misspells your name? Suddenly, you don’t laugh at Anne-spelled-with-an-E anymore. Because there is a literal pain in seeing your name so badly spelled…believe me, I know.

for example…

Me: Ooh goody, a letter for me! Wonder who’s it from…

*opens envelope* *starts reading*

       “Dear Anni,”

*slowly rips letter in half*


             On the bright side…it’s pretty easy to find yourself. 😏

for example…

Me: Oh, goodness, WHY DO LISTS HAVE TO BE SO LONG?! I’ll never find my name…whoa, there’s like five Emilys…aha! I’ve found it – Enni.

2. Spellcheck


           Spellcheck is the sworn enemy of everyone with a unique name. *shakes head* Why is a name like Emily accepted and Enni not? It’s name inequality!

for example…

Me: *types name* *is underlined by red* I’m sorry, but that’s just insulting.


           But then you have all the variations of Emily. Emilie, Emelie, Emmalee, Emeleigh…

for example…

Me: *types name* *isn’t harrowed by the thousands of ways to spell other, common, names* *smiles*

3. Pronunciation


             I have to side with Mrs. Donnell on this one. (Any Anne of Avonlea reader will get this) Having your name pronounced wrong…it gives your heart a little prick.

for example…

Person: So, your name is Ani, right?



           But then when somebody, somebody, finally pronounces it right once and for all…

for example…

Person: So, your name’s Enni, right?


4. Nicknames


        I have lots of examples for this. Neria‘s nicknames are Nero and Beria – the latter is an inside joke between us. 😉 Then there are the really annoying ones – take Enni-thing for example. UGH.

for example…

My Karate Sensei: Alright, Enni, any…*dawn of realization settles upon his face* questions?



        But at the same time, it’s like an inside joke, and I’m obsessed with inside jokes – who isn’t?

for example…

Friend: It’s like nobody listens to anything I say…

Me: *starts to giggle*

Friend: Enni, this is a serious conversation! Honestly, anybody can annoy me now…

Me: *goes into hysterics*

Friend: ENNI!

5. The Unique Name Squad


        Alright, unique-namers, be honest with me – do you ever feel a bit of happiness when you find someone else with a unique name? DO YOU EVER FEEL ANGER WHEN SOMEBODY HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOU?! This…has never happened to me, but whatever.

for example…

*lets just say it’s Neria cause I have never heard of a person named Enni…besides moi*

Neria: Hi, my name’s Neria.

Person: I’m Neria…too..

Neria: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can’t be called Neria too!

Person: Uh, yeah, I totally can.

Neria: I’m sorry, but my name belongs to me. You can’t just step in and take away my name!

Person: Ha, who are you talking to? You can’t just step in and take away my name.

Neria: EXCUSE ME!?


           But then you feel bondage too…I don’t know, it’s like it’s you and me all alone in the world with our names…it feels special. (I know I don’t make any sense*

for example…

*still using Neria. Sorry, Neria*

Person: Hey, I’m Neria

Neria: NO. WAY. I’m-I’m Neria too…

Person: You’re kidding! I thought I was the only Neria around!

Neria: This-this is amazing.

Person: *starts to sob* All my life I’ve dreamt of meeting someone called Neria…

Neria: *starts to cry…too*

*they cling to each other and weep for joy* *definitely not happening cause Neria is an unemotional person* *whatever*

PicMonkey Sample

         Well, that’s the end of that. It was a bit of a rushed post – it’s getting a little late over here. 😛 So, hopefully it was actually possible to read and didn’t tie your brain into a know. XD Comment below if you’re part of The Unique Name Squad – we can either celebrate or attack each other; it’s your choice. 😉







45 thoughts on “Trials and Triumphs: Unique Names

  1. I LOVE UNIQUE NAMES. They’re SO overused in my ideas, both good and stupid. And I’ve met one–ONE–person when I was like, four or five, who had the same exact name as me.

    And the name-spelling/pronunciation thing is kinda irritating. People still call me Kyur-sten and Kristen ALL OF THE TIME, and spell my name Kirsten. LEARN, PEOPLE. LEARN. But most of the time I don’t bother correcting them, because, you know, what’s the point? I’m used to it. 🙂

    My poor future children, though. If I don’t get a stubborn, boring-namer husband (Which I hope I don’t), they’re doomed. Royale, Voyage (One of my faves), Tallyn, Vesper… You don’t even want to hear the whole list. XD

    Seriously, though. If you could see inside my mind, the names I use for my characters for random stories that will probably never see the light of day…

    You would question my sanity. Most people do, when I bother telling them the names I like most. And I’m just sitting there all like, “What? It’s not MY fault you don’t have any imagination.” XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is hilarious! I laughed out loud about your sensei XD realization settles on his face XXD
    What’s funny about the name Tess is that everyone knows it’s a name, but not a lot of people have it. So I never have any trouble, but I never meet anyone with my name. 😛
    However, I know four or five people with my middle name (Michelle). For some reason they’re all in their 20s/early 30s.
    (Tess trivia: by all technicality my first name is Esther, but I’ve never gone by that. In fact it’s only my name because my parents wanted to name me Tess, but they wanted my middle name to be Michelle. And Tess Michelle just…doesn’t work. Esther Michelle, however, does, so they elected to name me Esther Michelle but my name was really Tess. #confusing)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I RELATE SO MUCH! You had me laughing the entire post. XD XD XD People spell my name “Rebecca” all the time, and I’m just like… 😞 Or, when they learn that I have a different spelling, they’ll guess at things like “Rebecka” or “Rebeccah.” facepalm

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha! I don’t know why, but when people make puns about my name it annoys me XD like someone will be like, “oh I HOPE you have a good day, hehehe” and I’ll be like “hehe ok” but inside I’ll be like “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE A NORMAL PERSON XD) If it’s my friend’s it doesn’t bother me as much, but if it’s my brother or his friends it gets on my nerves cause they know I don’t like it 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha this post is hilarious! XD
    NO ONE (trust me); NO one will ever have my name. Not in the way it’s spelled! My pen name is unique enough; my real name is even weirder. 😛
    The conversation in #4 is so funny. XD XD
    I get so annoyed when my name always has a red line under it. It’s so insulting lol. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My name is unique too! My BFF’s is as well, but is super short, so usually easy to spell. The only time I’ve found another Arabella was one that is my age (12) and is a blogger, but she lives in London, and I live near Boston.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Cool post, Enni! No. 1-4 are SO relatable! My real name isn’t Starling, but my real name is normally misspelled like DUDE. If you find it difficult to spell, why don’t you ask me first?! facepalm x100000

    Liked by 1 person

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