So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

          I’m in camp. No, not the marshmallow-roasting, fireside-singing kind of camp – though that sounds really great right now – but the dreaded Camp NaNoWriMo. *gulp* We’re halfway through April, which means only 16 days to write 16,000 words? GO AWAY. I’M SCARED.

        You might be thinking that I’m doing pretty well – the thing is, I’m barely scraping it by. Last night, I changed my goal to 30,000 words vs. 50,000 words – my original goal. Why? Because of MAY. Grr…(yes, the month)

        So, unfortunately, fate decided it would be a great idea to pile everything stressful inside one month after the *slightly* less stressful April, in which we’re expected to write all the words in 30 days?! SHOO.


  • Celebration Series Piano Level 5 Test: STRESSFUL. MY BRAIN ISN’T THAT SHARP.
  • Celebration Series Music Theory Test: I’m sorry, but I just feel really, really confused.
  • Homeschool Math Test: How do you expect me to remember everything?!
  • Homeschool English Test: I feel exhausted.
  • Homeschool Co-op Musical: What if I recite a math equation?!
  • Ballet Recital: *gulps* I’m scared.
  • Aunts Visiting From China: Oh, help me, please.
  • Brother Coming Back From College: YAY. THE ONE NON-STRESSFUL THING. FYI, I’m not being sarcastic – why would I? Older brothers are underrated.

             Do you see all of those things?! Just looking at it makes me wanna faint. Then I have to finish writing these 30,000 words…*shudders* Do you see why I feel like passing out right now? SOMEBODY GET ME CAKE. AND ICE CREAM. POPCORN WOULDN’T HURT EITHER. 😋

           So…that’s why I cut off 20,000 words off my original goal. *hides* Nope, it doesn’t feel very good. At all. But, better a goal you can do then a goal you die over trying to accomplish! Isn’t that the point of Camp NaNo? Oh, whatever, because I feel too young for the grave right now – I’m only a bit past a decade old!

          If you managed to read this scrambled up, unplanned, crazy post, then I sincerely applaud you – cause that definitely takes skill. XD If you’d like to check out my project, here’s the link to the page: ~ My WIPS ~

         Are you in Camp NaNo? How’s it going for you? Definitely better than me – there’s no way it’s not. XD




37 thoughts on “So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

  1. You can do it! And don’t feel bad about changing your goal. I did that with my NaNo novel, and I finished it later. Now it’s on the third draft and I am going to work on getting it published! You can totally do this, you are an amazing writer!!!!!! And have fun with your bro. 🙂

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  2. YOU CAN DO THIS, ENNI! YOU CAN WRITE THOSE 16K WORDS IN FIFTEEN DAYS! Ugh, sorry about how busy your upcoming month will be… mine will be pretty crazy, too, so we can stress together. XD But wait, you do Celebration series music theory?!

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                    1. I know, right? XD Although I struggled with the rests in Unit Two and for a while I had a terrible time with Unit Three…it’s quite easy now, though. 😉

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  3. Hey don’t worry! At least you had the guts to join Camp NaNo because I know someone who didn’t glares at self
    It looks like you had a pretty busy month! And whaaat I didn’t know you did ballet??
    The first few weeks of April will be pretty stressful for me though because choir and drama and the co-op starting… Ugh…
    You’re doing awesome, so keep it up, Enni! Just have fun with NaNo; you’ll get there! 😉

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  4. Oh dear, oh dear… poor Enni… May sounds like a pretty tough month for you. It will be a slightly stressful month for us as well because my brothers and I all have our birthdays that month. And we have to have the grandparents over on each day… or else they’ll show up unexpectedly. Which is very convenient. XP

    You CAN and you WILL finish your 16,000 words Enni! Your keyboard will be worn out by the end of this month and you will be victorious. Remember that! 🙂

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      1. Yes, it is. 😀 But not on each day of May. I mean on each birthday. When I read through my comment again I realized it sounded like they came over on every single day. XD

        Of course! 🙂

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  5. Whoa!! You have a much busy month than me!! The only thing I have planned is 3 family members birthdays. The fact that you even joined Camp NaNoWriMo should be counted as an accomplishment!! (Some people like me are too lazy to even write at all, even though I like writing)

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