It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!

         My novel: All the chapters are the same, the characters are alike, and the plot is random and unconstructed. I would totally give this up if it wasn’t for Tess – I mean, it’s hard to quit a book when your friend is one of the main characters. Nope, not happening. Well, I guess that’s what alpha-readers are for!

       I was down to 17,000 words when I opened the document last night – as you can tell, very behind. Yesterday was the 20th – in order to complete my goal, I have to write 1000 words each day. *gulps* So, I caught up to 19,000 before I got too tired to write anymore and went to bed. 😛


      Now, I’m (thankfully) on track with my goal and feel like doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day…besides typing this blog post out. 😏 Why? BECAUSE I AM DEAD. LITERALLY DEAD. SOMEBODY HELP ME.

       I know what you’re going to say – Enni, you’re not dead, if you’re dead I wouldn’t be reading this right now. Well, too bad. I’m dead and I don’t care whether or not it’s not possible to be blogging when deceased – if I want to, I can so there. *sticks tongue out* Anyways…where was I? Oh yeah, I’m dead. Right, about that. Misty’s wondering why I was rolling around on the ground screaming earlier, but a dog can’t possibly understand writerly woes… *solemn nod*


       My story is falling apart on me. Two of my chapters have the exact same plot, and all of the characters are slowly becoming alike…it’s terrible. I don’t even want to read it, it scares me so badly. So, basically, I have quantity, yes, but quality? Shoo, go somewhere else. Now, when this sort of situation happens to a writer, you are quite literally dead. *nods* Yup, this is totally Enni’s ghost. 👻 The ghost emoji is too darn cute

         Well, that part was boring enough – so, who wants to read boring things? Not me! Therefore, we move onto the second section of this post which is hopefully…you know, nicer? #toolazytousemybrainandfindabetter word #thatshouldtotallybeahashtag #commentbelowwiththefirsthashtag #canibefamous? ALRIGHT, MOVING ON.

PicMonkey Sample

Yay. Snippets. Maybe?

From Chapter 1

Disclaimer: These snippets belong to Enni Li and Enni Li alone. Actually, go ahead and steal them, they’re bad anyway. ACTUALLY, PLEASE DON’T. I’ll hunt you down, you know.

“Good,” gasped Lyla, leaning on her knees to pant and shutting the door firmly behind her. “You’re…finally…inside…”

“I won’t work on blankets!” stormed Vivi, her dark eyes flashing dangerously.

“Yes you will,” retorted Lyla, sitting down both herself and her sister. “Think about what Matron Lark would do to you if you didn’t. She’d skin you alive.”

“I don’t care.”

“Now, you’d better listen to me!” cried Lyla threateningly.

“I won’t!”

“Oh, Vivi,” said Lyla persuasively, trying a different tactic. “Won’t you do this for me? I know that you hate the work – I would too, but it’s a duty that’s got to be done.”

“Not by me!”

“If you go through this day without complaint,” bargained Lyla, crossing her arms. “Then I’ll finish all my work for today and tomorrow and then I’ll do your job tomorrow.”

“I’m not so mean as that!” cried Vivi indignantly. “Do you think that I would let you do something like that? I’m offended that you have such low opinion of my fairness – you can’t do that! But,” she added defiantly. “I’m not touching any blankets either!”

“Here, here,” said Lyla, clinging the last thing that she could do. “I’ll tell you something very interesting while you do your work – if you don’t think it’s much, then…well…you can race me tomorrow.” It took all of Lyla’s pride to say that statement.

Thoughts: Um…Lyla would totally be me. XD

From Chapter 2

I stood up. I dared to take one step towards the water jug before I turned around, fled to my seat, and sat myself down again. I practically clawed at the armrests to keep myself on that chair. Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move…I silently pleaded with myself. My legs were trembling, my arms were sore – every muscle in my body was working against my heart’s desire, and it was painful labor.

I felt like screaming, shrieking, sobbing – anything to distract me from this obsession with the water jug. What was wrong with me? I wanted to slap myself, but I was scared that if I let go of the armrests, I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself. I wasn’t even that thirsty, now that I thought about it.

Control your breath, I told myself. In, out, in, out, in, out…I can’t do this thing. The water was growing more tempting by the second. Never in my life had I wanted it so much – not even going back to Snowcrest. My head was trying to reason with me, but I blocked it out. I was going to get the water no matter what it took.

Thoughts: What did you expect? I’m a stereotypical writer. I like to torture my MC.

From Chapter 3

“Wait,” she said. “I’m afraid that I can’t just let you off like that. You see, one of my assistants told me about the entire thing. I’m…afraid that you, Cierra, didn’t act terribly ladylike. I pride manners in a young woman as much as I do chivalry – which I shall have to instruct the sweepers in. Under the circumstances, I realize that it was hard to refrain from making sharp remarks, and indeed, they were good ones. However, it lacked being feminine. I want girls to be feminine – it’s something that I lost in my childhood.

“Girls, when I was eight, I was put inside a war. That’s what made me want to be a nurse – my eyes saw too much bloodshed back them.”

Thoughts: Sorry, feminists. *shrugs*

From Chapter 4

What is life without emotion? Carefully, I pushed my pen to shape the words. It wouldn’t really be a life – you would be as a robot; half-dead. Emotion is what makes us human. Better blizzards of emotions than none at all, for if you have none at all, you are not even a single snowflake. You are a tip of an icicle fallen to the ground and crushed – all the beauty destroyed.

Thoughts: Aw, I like this. Any career ideas for Wynde? She has a stuttering problem. 🙂

From Chapter 5

“H-h-hi,” I stuttered out a greeting. “C-c-could I-I a-ask y-you…” then I lost it. Words didn’t seem to be able to come out anymore. All I could managed were these strange noises that were hardly audible.

“Uh…yeah?” Walyn gave me a strange look.

“S-sorry,” I choked out an apology and fled.

Okay, so was I going to do this? Absolutely not. Oh no, this was horrible. I felt myself burning all over with embarrassment – what was wrong with me? It was like my brain had deserted me and all I could was just…I didn’t even know. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could have just been helpless – that would have been humiliating, sure, but it was better than making a complete fool of myself. Yeah, I definitely needed help.

Thoughts: My poor character. She gets into the most embarrassing situations. XD

My twin sister is next to me – Namina. We are standing at the edge of a mountain, staring up at its snowy peaks. Swirls of light and life separate us. We see each other. I try to walk towards her and grasp her hand, but the light keeps us apart. No matter how hard I try, I cannot break through. Then, Namina raises a sword. A sword made of gold mingled with silver. She slices it through our barrier, and we are able to join each other. Then I see something, something else, swirls of blackness surround us. She destroyed the happiness that separated us so that we might join, but for the price of sorrow. Then, I woke up.

Thoughts: Hmm…interesting dream, Wynde.

PicMonkey Sample

            Phew, we’re done with this post. *wipes brow* Now, that’s a relief. See what I mean about quantity excelling over quality? If you don’t, then I’m flattered, but…Then, I might just be the stereotypical writers – you know, we hate everything that we write…XD Whoever invented that is a genius – because it. Is. SO. TRUE.

I Insist that You Talk (Please)

Are you dying too? Are you living? What’s your opinion on those hashtags? Jobs for Wynde?



15 thoughts on “It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!

  1. Don’t give up! You can do this!!
    My plot is sinking too but I refuse to surrender! We shall never give up our plots, dialogue, or our characters!!
    Nuff said. Back to typing.-Jo

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dude.

    I’m going to shock you here, so maybe just brace yourself.

    Your story is not a pile of klunk.

    To be totally honest, you’re being way too much of a shuck-faced, slintheaded, judgemental jerk to yourself. Tone it down a little and just get your ideas on the freaking paper before you look at it and say, “SHUCK IT IT’S HORRIBLE.” Got it?

    Got it.

    Hurry up so I can read it. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh I love this so much! Don’t know why you’re bashing yourself so much about this. I WANT TO READ IT COZ’ IT’S EPIC GIRL. Tess is soo write!! I can’t wait until we can alpha it again. You’re doing so awesome Enni!!!!! Blessings with the rest of camp ❤ ❤
    p.s will you be doing camp in July? I’m thinking of doing it then…

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wyndie needs to be an author – there’s a bit of sociophobe in all of us! XD
    IDK why you’re beating yourself up so badly on your baby! IT SOUNDS EPIC AND I WANNA READ IT. You can’t judge a cake by its batter, girl. And I really, really think this story is going to bake into a deliciously wonderful cakestory. I honestly can’t wait till it’s ready to be alphaed. Dare to not compare, and write the story you know deserves to be written – which is the one with Wynde, Aria, Vivi and Lyla, Cierra, Ixon (<3), Orin, Walyn, Pera and whoever else you add! ❤ Much love and encouragement.

    Liked by 3 people

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