Fictional Characters: Which One Are You?

            Hello, my pegasi! I’m excited to present to you today’s post – a quiz on what kind of fictional character you are! Who knows – we might even get some villains on here. 😉 A previous post that I’ve done like this was extremely popular, so I thought that this idea would be even cooler! So, let’s begin and find if it’s so. 😊

PicMonkey Sample

Your best friend has just betrayed you. You:

a) Talk to her. She would never do that by herself!

b) Try to forget about her. She was never worth much anyways.

c) Go into depression. Why, life, why…

d) Vow to get revenge. May the lightning of the heavens fall upon her always!


Gandalf calls you to go on a mission with him. You:

a) Start to pack your bags. Um…duh, you’re going to come!

b) Contemplate it for a few days before giving your consent. I mean, look at poor Frodo.

c) Um, NO. You’re too young to die!

d) Wonder whether or not you can overpower Gandalf…Nobody saw that!


You’re in a tricky situation where only your wits can save you. You:

a) Come up with a witty reply that gets you out of the scene. Now to join your sidekicks…

b) Keep silent. Ask no questions and you’ll hear no lies, right?

c) Stumble over your words and totally flub it. Yup, yup, you’re going to die.

d) Summon up your strength and kill everybody. Ah, that’s the way to do it.


You find yourself in a predicament where survival is everything. You:

a) Calmly set up camp and hide a knife behind your back. Oh yeah.

b) Hide. What else do you expect to do?

c) Freak out. Okay, you did not sign up for this!

d) Construct various weapons and kill everybody your hear. Hehe.


 Someone…or something…attacks you. You:

a) Do all the self-defense moves that you conveniently know. Yup, totally realistic.

b) Blindly stumble around and try to attack that…thing. This isn’t your thing.

c) Promptly gasp and die. Did you expect me to survive this?!

d) Kill the thing automatically. If you want mercy, stop trying to murder me.


You have a dilemma: Stay with your friends or be given power? You:

a) Stay with your friends. You’re much too noble to go away from them!

b) Ooh, toughie. Let’s just say friends for the sake of your reputation.

c) Procrastinate…a lot. Maybe you can get away with not making a decision at all!

d) Power. Like, duh – who cares about friends?


It’s time to go home and depart from your companions forever. You:

a) Bravely salute them. You’re too cool for tears.

b) Sniffle, sniffle…You beg them to stay in touch.

c) Start to bawl. Yup, you’re making a scene, but do you care? NO. WAHAHAHA.

d) Are glad to leave. You work best solo anyways. 😏



If You Got Mostly As: You are the Protagonist. You love to work in teams though you’re alright solo too – anything’s okay for you, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you! You’re most commonly found to be brave, quick-minded, athletic, and…humble. 😉

If You Got Mostly Bs: You are the Sidekick. It’s pretty necessary for you to be with other people. You’re not quite as brave as the Protagonist, but you can handle a few blows too! You might be called quirky, lovable, and caring.

If You Got Mostly Cs: You are Dead. You lack the skills of a Protagonist or even a Sidekick. Your brain wasn’t quite as sharp – in a fantasy world, you’d be dead meat. However, you were loving and loyal, though slightly awkward.

If You Got Mostly Ds: You are the Villain. You work alone – too many people annoy you. You have quick wits and are prepared for anything. You’re known to be cruel, ruthless, harsh, and…uh…villainous.

PicMonkey Sample

              Oh dear. I probably shouldn’t be sitting here writing this post right now. Apparently, I’m…uh…dead. 🤨 Hmph. Though, to be honest, that is very, very true. Like how do those protagonists come up with their comebacks and schemes so quickly?! It’d probably take me two days to think up of that, much less two seconds. *shakes head* Honestly, some people…

           But enough about me. What did you get? Believe it or not, I’m dying to know. 😉 Be you a protagonist, noble of heart and spirit? Or a sidekick? Kind and courageous. Perhaps you are a villain – cold yet…epic. Maybe you are even…dead. In that case, you are…dead.


Which character are you? What’s your favorite genre to read? Opinion on Gandalf?




96 thoughts on “Fictional Characters: Which One Are You?

  1. Hey, I can’t moderate comments on my blog right now because Bluehost is being STUPID, my password isn’t saved on WordPress, and those are the only ways I can log in to get to the moderation panel. Just letting you know, so you don’t think I disappeared or something. Sorry. :/

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  2. I got a, b, a, c, a, b, b. Though for the Gandalf one, I was going to go with a till I saw b. That made me stop and think. 😂 I guess I’m 3/7 protagonist, 3/7 sidekick, and 1/7 dead. Oof.

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  3. Your loss on the magic of kittens and fur all over the place. I’m serious my cat’s fur gets EVERWHERE, it’s like it is made out of magic or magnetic stuff, so it sticks everywhere.

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  4. Huh, I got mostly A’s. Have I taken too many quizzes or read too may books or am I too bookish? Huh…. I guess that’s me. I love fantasy and adventure. Gandalf is AWESOME!

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