What’s Going On Over Here?

            Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! I’ve always wanted to memorize that speech – it’s great, isn’t it? Well, since I haven’t – yet – I’ll attempt to create an introduction with my uh, lesser brain powers. 😉

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         You might have noticed that On the Wings of a Dream has gone through a few changes! If you haven’t, then I demand that you get off your accursed reader and hurry off to the site to check the new design out. 😛 I finished it literally five minutes ago, and since it was quite a pain to get everything all sorted out, YOU’D BETTER GET OFF THAT USELESS READER it’d be very nice if you could take a look! Hehe.

             Also, if you happened to read this post then you are aware that May will be very, very, very busy, in case I didn’t put enough emphasis on that. 😉 Therefore, I’m almost positive that you know what will be coming next – I will be going on hiatus. 

            But don’t worry – I won’t be gone for long! When June rolls around I’ll be back and track, and in the meantime, I’ll look at all of your beautiful posts to destress myself. 🙂 Conveniently, Starling is hosting HARPs right now, so what’d you know? Fate happens to be on the side of my happiness. 😏


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My Schedule for May

May the 7th: Musical

May the 9th: Picture Day for Ballet

May the 10th: Math/English Homeschool Test

May the 11th: Music Theory Test

May the 15th: Aunts Come From China

May the 17th: Ballet Dress Rehearsal

May the 18th: Ballet Recital

May the 18th: Brother Comes Back From College

May the 29th: Piano Test

        Oh, and don’t tell my sensei that I said this, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll have a karate belt test this week. *faints*

       If my assumptions are right, that means five things this week?! Alright, I’m a multi-tasker but not to that extent. Anyways, I’m not so nervous about the music theory as I am about the math test – I didn’t get to finish the book yet so I’m really scared that they’ll throw something at me that I a) completely forgot how to do b) have absolutely no idea what it means. a) is slightly more likely so yes, I am freaking out quite a bit.

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        If you’re wondering, the musical went well, yes. We had to wear the strangest costumes – mine included chartreuse pants and this matching retro jacket with a purple shirt underneath and an orange/coral georgette scarf. It was ridiculous. However, my friend was a living hippie. Polyester embroidered shirt, purple pants, yellow studded headband…oh my, it was HILARIOUS. XD

           Anyways, I’m pretty sure that you guys can see by this time that I’ll certainly not have any time for blogging – right? If you don’t, then well I still have a crazy puppy to take care of. And aunts to amuse. And books to write. SO THERE. HA.

           This ends my rather disorganized post for the day, and I’ll be happy to see you in June! Until then, farewell!

P.S. Starling is in a bit of a slump so please go and encourage this blessing of a blogger, because her posts make my day and once you read them, I know that you’ll agree.

P.P.S. It is one of our most beloved blogger’s birthdays tomorrowAllison is celebrating the anniversary of her birth tomorrow, and as she is one of the most magnificent bloggers around, you simply must wish her many returns of the day, right?

Have you gone on hiatus before? How’s your May? Have you done drama? 

I’d love to know! 



37 thoughts on “What’s Going On Over Here?

  1. Before I creep you out this is ZIELLE. 😛 My lil bro just started a blog so I’m on his user and can’t be bothered to log into mine. XD
    Woah you are so much more busy than I am. 😛 I kinda took a hiatus because like Starling, I ain’t motivated to write. 😦
    I hope you enjoy your hiatus!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, okay. That’s a relief – you kinda scared me at first. XD
      Haha, yeah, but it looks like you’re packed too! Awwww…that’s too bad. 😦
      AW, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll miss you, remember to enjoy your blogging break!! I love your design, keep it!!! Where do you get all the watercolor flowers from? Or do you design/make them yourself? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Noooooooo Enni!! You’re not supposed to leave me too!! wails
    But I get you on the busy side… we have almost the same workload. We can do it! Enjoy your hiatus! But don’t stay away too long because I WILL FIND YOU! AND TRACK YOU DOWN! 😛 -Jo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. HA HA, this was so fun to read. XD Oh my goodness, your May sounds SO busy! :O YOUR BLOG DESIGN IS SO PRETTY! Also aww, thank you soooo much for the birthday wish, Enni! You’re so sweet. ❤ I’m having a great birthday so far!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your new theme looks gorgety gorgeous! You can always email me if things get too tight…I’m good at multi tasking too and may be able to help XD Last month was my busy month – Camp nano, animation, horse show, birthday parties, trying to blog….ehehehe. So just let me know if you need anything. Especially caffiene. Take care of yourself! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Gorgeous blog design! Wish I was as good as you 😦 Wow your May looks packed to da brim! All the best on everything! And thanks for those shoutouts up there! ❤ Ooh I’ll definitely be wishing Allison Happy Birthday tomorrow! Thanks for letting us all know!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Enni!! I just left my wretched and useless reader and ugh…how are you so good at graphic design?! It’s sooo lovely!! I will be updating my button page for yours!! And I just noticed you leave the sweetest comments below all your blogging buddie’s buttons!! Like, that is such a good idea and your comment below mine completely made my day!! 😄💞 Also, I just went and read your post about all you have to do this month and how do you make stressful parts of your life coming up so funny?! 😝💞 I died laughing the whole time!! Enjoy your hiatus!! And yes, Starling is SO awesome!! 😊💖😇

    Liked by 3 people

    1. YAY, GOOD FOR YOU. But thank you so much – that’s so sweet of you to say!
      Aw, no problem – you deserve it!
      Just, thanks a million for the entire comment – you make my day every time!


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