The Evolution of Counting the Snowflakes


      Hey guys, remember this post? Some of you may, some of you might. Whether you do or do not, I highly suggest that you do not look at it. XD Why? Because a) it’s a bit cringey and b) it’s now so different that it’s kinda scary.

       Lemme walk you through the changes one by one, so you don’t get confused. 😉 Let’s start with the first and foremost – very professional sounding, don’t you think? – and begin with…*drumroll* the name!

       My new name for Counting the Snowflakes is Blizzards – which fits the story much, much more and also is just…cooler. XD Credits to Tess for helping think of the name. 😉


      That’s…my makeshift cover. 😛 Although, I still think it looks cool. *crosses arms defiantly*

Da Plot


Ten years ago, thirty children of various ages were captured from their home in Snowcrest and brought to Captive Cabins in Icewynne. Now, they get a chance to go home through a competition to create a gift for the king. But – there’s a catch. Only one winner will be chosen, and ten losers will be executed.


    It’s been ten years since thirty Snowcrestian children were captured. Sent to Icewynne, they worked there taking care of various duties until one day. Ten years later. An announcement brought them to their feet – the announcement that Princess Echo had a disease that sucked her emotions away. So now there’s a contest among the various hospitals in Icewynne to create the perfect cure for Princess Echo. The winner? They get anything they want.

     For Wynde Snowdust, this is an opportunity. The opportunity to go back home. She starts out with a plan – every detail perfectly planned out, every day set with a schedule. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t plot your life. So, that’s how she went from curing the princess’s disease to saving her from execution. 

     Not only is my new blurb ten times cooler, more detailed, and overall just more…epic (XD) but…I’ve bet that you’ve noticed some pretty drastic differences. XD Let me explain them, now. 😉


The Work: Outdoor manual labor in Captive Cabins.

The People: Just the captives.

The Goal: To win the contest to give the king a gift.

The Barrier: General life.



The Work: Hospital duties; generally making supplies and stuff.

The People: The captives PLUS a whole bunch of other hospital folks INCLUDING Matron Lark who I’ll explain about later but…now I can’t imagine having not written Matron Lark in before. faintS

The Goal: To cure Princess Echo.

The Barrier: The sweepers (I’ll explain) and King Icen’s tyranny, though that doesn’t really come until the end.


The captives are field workers who get to be in a contest that the king of Icewynne is doing for a gift for himself.


The captives are hospital workers who are in a competition to cure the princess, and there’s a whole lot of heartbreak on the way. smirks




Uh…Icewynne, Captive Cabins, you know.


Icewynne, Captive Cabins, BUT NOW WE HAVE EMERDYN! That’s…the hospital that the captives work in with about 820 other people. 😛

Quick Geography Lesson;

    Blizzards is set in the world of Westwyren which has four empires based on seasons that include Winterspell, Springside, Summerdale, and Autumnmoor. Each of those empires has two states – Icewynne and Snowcrest, Roseglade and Spiritbrook, Shellshore and Tidalday, and Mapleglade and Skyhaven. I may have run out of fantasy place names. XD


This is probably where it has changed the most drastically. The characters are oh so different. Wynde…not so much, but the rest? Totally. Let’s go through them one by one. 🙂




Shy//Quiet//Still Bit of Spunk//Even Sarcastic


Timid//Stutters//Scared to Speak//Can’t Find Her Voice//Birthcity Terrible

sobs I just wuv my wittle protagonist so much more now. ❤






Hurt Inside//Sister Enslaved//Friendly//Tries to be Brave

I honestly adore Cierra…I’m so excited to write her story! 😀

Screenshot (25)



Really from Earth//Alone//Hostile//Confused//Sister in Trouble Back Home


Is Still Not a Snowcrestian//Secretive//CAN’T SAY ANYTHING CAUSE SPOILERS

    I’m thrilled to write Ixon out. 😀 It’s gonna be so…fun! The Blizzards Ixon might seem boring compared to the CS one – but trust me, he’s a lotttt better. 😉




Tough//Can Handle Anything//Popular//Extreme Extravert


Sensitive Soul//Still Popular//Still Extravert//Impulsive

Aria is a bit confused, here. We all have that one character that is, eh? But she’s honestly…a bit annoying but a dear at heart. 🙂




Warm//Cares About People//Practical//Loving//Empathetic


Manager//Practical//Loves to Take Charge//Kinda Bossy//Loves Her Sister

Lyla…I felt like I needed a manager in here to make Blizzards more diverse so she became an ESTJ vs an ESFJ. 😀 I think that she’s a lot better as one – and I’m having fun making her bossy. XD






Quiet Around Strangers//Independent//Competitive

Vivi is also like Ixon. XD I can’t say much about him or I’ll spoil something very, very badly. Got it? Got it. 😛




Tender//Cares About People//Quiet//Warm


Confused//Doesn’t Know Himself//Quiet yet a Rebel

Before Orin was a side character, but now he is actually quite a large part of my story, and I’m having a blast figuring out how to plot him in. That’s sarcasm. XD


Princess Echo




Suffering//In Pain//Desperate//Loving

Princess Echo…cries If you bothered to read the blurb at all, you’ll know that Emonitcana takes her emotions which is…terrible. sniffles


Matron Lark 




A Commander//Loves People//Tough Love//Has a Plan for Everything

Matron Lark is a big, BIG part of this story though she was previously…uh, not there. XD She’s a pretty complex character so I’m thrilled to write her out! cheers

On the wings divider

        As of now, I am still working on Blizzards – working as in plotting, though a bit of writing – so obviously no alpha-reading…yet. 😛 However, I will be able to do beta-reading! In maybe, like, a year. XD However, if you’d like to sign up, fill this form here.

*form only available on actual site*

On the wings divider

     This concludes this very long post on how CS has changed. 😀 I, personally, am quite a fan of all the very drastic transforms modifications, and I dearly hope that you are too. 😉 But…I wanna know what you think!

Counting the Snowflakes or Blizzards? Will you be on the waiting list? Favorite character?


31 thoughts on “The Evolution of Counting the Snowflakes

  1. Wow how are you so good at plotting and stuff? I suck at it. 😛 It sounds so awesome! I think my favorite character would be Cierra from reading that. 🙂 Keep writing! Never stop! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes. Yes!! THANK YOU, for rescuing me from the spoilers!!

    Unlike… someone I know. Ahem, hack–Madi–Ahem, hack.

    Aww, you know I love you, Madi. XD

    But still. Glares

    OH MY GOSH THIS REMINDS ME OF THE LANCES!!! And oh yeah, nobody here knows about that! It’s one of my first novel ideas that is now COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from its original version. Like, WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY different. More different than Counting the Snowflakes and Blizzards.

    Anyway I’m rambling now bye.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe.
      Well, actually, it was mostly for my own benefit, since I don’t like to spoil my own book – it ruins the heartbreak that the readers experience. 😉
      Whoa, that’s neat!
      Will you be beta-reading?



        Will I be beta-reading your story? Um, dude yeah. Will I be doing beta readers for The Lances? Um, hello, that book probably won’t get written for some time XD But I will write it, I promise! It’s too good to not to!

        Liked by 1 person

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