Pinterest Account #Bad at Post Titles

         Hello, folks! Guess what happened? If you’re saying July, correct! If you’re saying Camp NaNo, correct! If you’re saying this post happened, also correct! But, however, all of them are also wrong. *shakes head sadly* Now, you may be wondering how that is possible. After all, I said that you were right…didn’t I? Well, the fact is, they are actually all right but not for my question! Actually, that doesn’t make sense. What I meant to say was…nevermind.

         Anyways, here’s what I want to say: I got a Pinterest account! Yay! *feebles cheers* You see, this is why I hate intros they’re so…awkward. XD I need to hire a professional intro writer if there is one…any of you guys out there? *hopeful look* Um…I’ll just continue the post before this post gets more confusing. XD

          Where was I? Ah, I got a Pinterest account! Can I just say that Pinterest is wonderful, fun, and addictive? I could spend hours and hours on it if I wanted…but unfortunately, I have to do this thing called Camp NaNoWriMo. -_- *sighs*

         Why is everyone screaming at me? Wait…what are they saying? ENNI, WHAT’S THE LINK?! *blinks* Ohhhhhh. Ahem. Let me introduce, the link!

The Link (Hehe)

        Uh….that’s really all that I have to say. I think that I’ll end this very awkward post now. *scootches out* *runs away and hides* Bye!

Do you have a Pinterest Account? If so, what’s the link? Is it addicting or not?



19 thoughts on “Pinterest Account #Bad at Post Titles

  1. Yes, I have a pinterest! So does my mummy! (No, I’m not British, I just call her that. Sorry for getting your hopes up… XD) What takes up most of my time is looking at custom American Girl doll stuff. It makes me want all the pretty things I don’t have the money for. You should try it sometime. XD

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