Blizzards Is a Blizzard (Meh)

       It’s the second-to-last day of Camp NaNoWriMo. Oh dear. I’ve never actually completed the full NaNoWriMo word count before – I’ve done 25,000 words and 30,000 words, but never the whole 50,000. Well, this time I am. Welp.

       So far, I’m at 45,787 words. That means that I have 2106.5 words to write today and tomorrow. But here’s the thing – I am very tired. XD Yes, yes, terrible excuse but…I’M TIRED WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? *sniffles*

          Somehow, Blizzards decided to play a trick on me. I wrote a whole entire chapter about a thunderstorm that most definitely was not in my very carefully planned plot. *gasps* I know, right? So mean of it! It ended up increasing my word count by like, 2000 words so I forgive it quite willingly. 😛

         At one point, I was ranting to Jo about how much I just…hated Wynde, my MC. I called her a whiny, crybaby and I was screaming for her to SOLVE HER OWN PROBLEMS AND JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.

       What I said was kinda like this: “I hate Wynde. She’s so weak. She never does anything and she’s way too shy for her own good, sheesh! I don’t wanna solve her problems! Make her solve her own problems, I don’t want to solve them! She’s…SHE’S PUNY. ARGH.” Yeah…I was so frustrated at her that words couldn’t express it. 😛

        However…Cierra on the other hand…I LOVE her. She’s great. Once I share snippets you’ll understand. She’s definitely my favorite character to write about – her and the overexcitable Aria who wants to be a “cheerer-upper” but ends up as a lawyer. ? I also quite like Vivi. Okay, let’s face it, I like all of ’em. 😛

         Now, I’m sure that you’re all wondering…when will I share snippets?! Well, since you keep insisting, I suppose now. This is a first draft…actually, that’s a lie. This is an EIGHT DRAFT. AN EIGHT DRAFT. So I certainly hope that they’re decent. XD

            “Exactly!” Aria said cheerfully. “It sounds torturous – it’ll be great! You like torture, don’t you Cierra? It’ll be simply wonderful.”

“W-w-w-w-wait,” spluttered Cierra. “I like torture!? Since when did I like torture? Since when did anyone like torture? What? What is wrong with everyone today? Okay,s so first Wynde says that we should eat ice – which sounds terrible – and then YOU say that I like torture…am I seriously the only sane person here today?”

“Everyone likes torture!” declared Aria. “It’s a universal form of pleasure.”

Cierra blinked. “Oh my gosh. You need help.”

I kind of like this one. It’s…humorous. XD Aria is also a very interesting character to write. I think that she is uh…well…actually, I can’t think of any other word besides interesting. 😛

            “You can’t control death,” said Cierra. “It comes and you can’t stop it. I watched someone die in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. You just have to let it happen and it’ll hurt. But you just have to accept it. You can’t keep mourning that person forever – you have to move on. You gotta let go, even if it’s painful, it has to happen sometime.”

Here’s the softer side of Cierra…unfortunately, I can’t share some more of her “soft side” snippets, because otherwise, they’re kind of semi-spoilers? Not really, but still. 😛

Lyla smiled. Not a smiley, excited smile, but a calm, sensible smile. I tried to smile like that too, but I couldn’t manage it. I just beamed. Then, I decided that I probably looked silly so I just looked serious. However…it seemed not too nice that I should look so stern when Cierra had just come up with this idea – no, not very friendly at all. So, I changed my expression to a half-smile. That didn’t feel right either. So, I dropped the smiles and just looked curious. Good and interested. There, that felt better.

Wynde is me, people. Wynde is very me. XD

This is what I want my smile to look like:

See the source image

This is how they actually look like:

See the source image

            “I agree!” put in Lyla. Lyla was eighteen. Her black hair was shorter than most of ours – only coming to her shoulder, which was surprising considering her Indian heritage. Rumor was that she had a pair of scissors somewhere – and that she wouldn’t share. “Matron Lark is a rather important figure in Icewynnian circles – people say that she used to work for King Icen. I’m sure that we could convince her to—” Lyla was all about plans. Aria was the complete opposite.

“No, no, no!” Aria broke in energetically. “That’s an awful idea! We need to do something stronger than that – something that shows people that we’re not just weaklings that cry and suck their thumbs. Do you know what we need?” Aria seized a pillowcase and waved it in the air. “A REBELLION!”

You know, you just have to love Aria. XD I mean, you just gotta. She’s completely irresponsible and ridiculous most of the time ALL of the time, but she’s…just…hilarious.

“I don’t know,” retorted Vivi. “I’m not very well acquainted with the sweepers and I have no desire to be. They’re-they’re jerks! They’re the jerkiest jerks that I’ve-I’ve ever met! Who kidnaps someone?! Especially when she’s already been kidnapped?! It’s ridiculous! Ridiculous!”

Ixon shrugged, and I could see that he was thinking. It was pretty obvious – forehead wrinkled, fist posed under his chin, and to top it off, a very serious expression on his face. It was the most stereotypical thinking face that I had ever seen. Vivi, on the other hand, looked pretty grumpy and was walking round and round in circles. She was making me dizzy. I just sat on the floor not really wanting to move. I felt too ashamed of myself. I rubbed my arm ruefully – it still was sore and there was a red mark on where the door had slammed on it. Ugh.

“Who kidnaps someone?! Especially when she’s already been kidnapped?!” I have to admit, I kind of love this line. XD

Okay…so I think that that’s all for this post! 😀 I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments below the following:

Are you doing Camp NaNo? Do you write? Do your stories disobey you?



3 thoughts on “Blizzards Is a Blizzard (Meh)

  1. Hi Enni! Absolutely love the snippets, and I just realized, I have a character in my work-in-progress called Aria too. (In fact she’s my main character 😛 ) Good luck finishing your novel! I hope to read it someday ❤

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