Hello, all you people out there! I am Enni, but today I have a special guest….Genevieve! I did a post with her on my old blog, Hooves & Pens, and don’t be afraid to go and check that out! You might know her as Genni25. I will be mint and Genevieve will be orange. On with the post!

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So how do we start this thing?

Introduce yourself!

Umm…hi I’m Genni? Uh…and I live about half-an-hour away from Enni? How was that?


What next? Should we tell about what we’ve done so far? And what we are going to do? 🤩

She’s starstruck! It’s not every day that you get to blog with a world-famous blogger. 😏

Alright, Miss Braggy. laughs

So, so far we have gotten soaked and tested how well we know each other. Genni won. 🤨

After this, we will…have dinner…

We don’t have dinner until seven. 😉

Uh…we will have dinner…later. Then…watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I’ve never watched it! nervous smile 

I’ve watched it once. 


It’s amazing!! giggles Now what? 

Let’s talk about modest swimsuits! 

Whyyyyyy?! We already had that discussion on Sunday!

But we didn’t blog about it! winkity wink wink

Oh well, let’s not talk about that.

Why not? It’s an interesting topic!

How many of your followers actually want to hear about that sort of thing?

Modesty posts are very popular!

So…so…so….waves hand

It’d be nice to post about it! grins awkwardly Or maybe we should talk about us.

Option Number 2. smiles

We have been friends for 8 years. 

Really? That short?! I thought it was longer! 😅

Yup! We met at church. 🙂

There was that once where we tried to convince our parents to let us become sisters. both burst out into hysterical laughter

stops laughing just in time to say… I remember going to my mom and saying, “Can I go to Genevieve’s on Saturday? I’m going to be her sister.” laughs again

This is hilarious – we just got sidetracked for the second time on something really weird. We didn’t write it. 😉

I think that it would give our readers a strange opinion of us. 😛 We can get as quirky as two Nerias!


You just insulted your frenemy!

That’s what they’re for! winkity wink wink

Neria reads this post WHAT!? EXCUSE ME?

I can predict the future!

Hi Neria! waves nervously I can predict the future too! Somewhat. 😆 When are we going to end this?


But then we’d never be able to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! wails

True…Let’s talk more about our friendship. That’s always fascinating. 

I can’t think of anything. 

Neither can I. Uh…there has been DRAMA. nods vigorously

Good point. gives Enni odd look

Yeah, we should go now…

Can I make my own signature again?


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