To the Arsonists

   These are just a bunch of thoughts that I needed to get out. I promise that I’ll give you a more light-hearted post in a bit. 🙂

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

   I was looking out the car window a few weeks ago. The sun was red. I step out of the door. There was smoke in the air. When we got home, I saw the news. Fire. Again.

         Last summer, the Pacific Northwest was attacked by a ridiculous amount of wildfires. We thought it was bad then – now it’s even worse. The smoke level has been deemed hazardous – the highest one up there – and a city in Eastern Washington has the highest smoke level in the country as of now. That’s also the city where my brother’s going back to college soon.

         British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California…all of them. Each and every one of them has flames burning inside of them. All of them. The entire west coast. They even decided that Canada need some too.

         Guess what? Not all of those flames were wild flames. Quite a few were caused by people being stupid or…arson. What’s with that? Arsonists, so you’re mad at the government. So you think that the president is horrible. Then why put the whole west coast in this sort of danger? Do innocent civilians deserve to die because of your arrogance? What about those firefighters that died? Was it really worth it?

         As for the people being stupid. Stop. Just stop. You have a brain. God gave you a brain and I thought that you were supposed to think with it. Maybe I was wrong. Looks like you guys are special exceptions – you guys want to be stupid with it.

       Common sense says that when there are fires, smoke, and dry grass all combined, you shouldn’t go and throw a cigarette on the ground. Common sense says that you shouldn’t set off fireworks when the ground is so dry that…it hurts to walk on it.

        It’s estimated that it will take up to October for the smoke to go away and for all the fires to be tamed. October. So, what was it all for, then? Why?

       I know that you’re supposed to love your enemies, I know that you’re supposed to turn the other cheek but…it’s kind of hard, you know? I haven’t been affected too badly but I know that others have and that’s it’s been bad. So please, THINK before you do something like that. THINK.

        So go ahead, set your fires. but know that there are people, that am very, very disappointed in you.


(but there are no hugs for the arsonists)

21 thoughts on “To the Arsonists

  1. I live in California and can completely understand your thoughts on this. A week ago, there was nothing but smoke and ash in the sky– it was horrible to see. I honestly feel so hurt that careless people would actuallydo thison purpose. This message needs to get out there. Praying for you, Enni! ❤

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  2. I love to solve mysteries, watch shows like Monk, do that sort of thing. I especially love homicide mysteries, but arson is a fun to solve, not fun to happen.
    I have friends everywhere, including CA. I know what it’s like, it’s always hot and always some sort of fire. They had to leave their homes and got months off of school.
    Life is tough. People make no sense. These kinds of pharses are overused, so let me make a new one. Life is messed up, and humans did it when they rejected God. There is still beauty left, just some people focus more on the messed up bit then the beauty.
    Arson is a crime, there’s no denying it. Arson is destroying beauty that was still there from before the Fall.
    Dear Arsonist,
    Just because you see things that are messed up doesn’t mean destroy it. Just because you dislike the president doesn’t mean destroy the West Coast. This won’t get your message across at all.
    Thanks Enni for such a thought-provoking post!

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  3. It’s so extremely sad how people can be so careless. I believe that when we disrespect the things that God has given us, we really are not showing gratitude to God for all of the gifts he has given us! I pray that you and your family will stay safe!

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    1. Thank you so much, Gracie. ❤ This post was mostly directed towards those who started it simply out of hatred towards the government, but thank you for the link, I read the article and believe that they’re in the right. 🙂

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      1. Always a pleasure! Yeah, those people are not solving anything. They should realise that starting fires that destroy the lives of so many innocent people on purpose is not the answer! I completely agree with you on that 🙂


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