What Happens in a Writer’s Brain

       Hello, people! I’ve come back from my hiatus, and am happy to say that that was probably one of the most refreshing things that I’ve ever done. I’m filled with new post ideas and very excited to write them! The one that I have today is “What Happens in a Writer’s Brain.” Let’s get on to the post!

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Enni: opens Google Docs to write

Motivation: slow clap Pay attention, folks. This is a rare sighting – Enni being productive!

Procrastination: But do you really want to write? It’ll be so much more fun to scroll on Pinterest…I heard that they have more personality type memes!

Motivation: I hate you.  It’s time for Enni to get a life, okay? She is my child and I intend to raise her well.

Enni: I guess that you’re right…

Insanity: bursts in with a hippo balloon GUYS. I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA. Enni, you should write about an elephant eating a banana and the banana has a donut and they have to go on a mission to save apples from pears!!

Motivation + Procrastination: NOBODY CARES.

Sanity: walks in sleepily I’m…so…tired…yawns Insanity, can you take over my job? I think I’m going to go take a nap.

Motivation: What are you doing? You all are crazy. I’m the only one that cares to do anything useful with this asparagus…pokes Enni

Enni: Who are you calling an asparagus? I have great hair!

Insanity: GUYS. I HAVE A GREAT IDEA. Enni, you should turn all your characters into Brussel sprouts!

Procrastination: I’ll go get Sanity back…next year.

Motivation: throws hands up

Competitiveness: Okay, Enni, you really need to write a good story, okay? J.K. Rowling became a billionaire on stories. J.R.R Tolkien published his first draft. You need to beat them both, okay?

Negativity: Your hope in Enni is so amusing.

Imagination: Enni…I have a perfect idea for you. whispers into ear Isn’t it great?

Enni: opens mouth up to speak


Practicality (kinda): Okay, so first you need to download this mega planning template…it’ll totally help boost your story! Now, let’s start with the first letter. What’s the goal of that letter? What is the purpose of it? What is it’s life’s meaning? Good. Now type all of that. Now for the rest of the million letters!

Motivation: I quit.

Procrastination: You know Enni, who cares about plotting out letters. Just do it…tomorrow.

Enni: You know what…I should.

Motivation: shoves Practicality back to the Dark Brain Corners

Practicality: What? No! Don’t leave me here with names infamous plot bunny

Enni: tenses

Motivation: Okay, Enni, you know what? Screw plotting. Just write already and make me happy! For once.

Enni: Sorry…you know what, I’m going to take a break.

Procrastination: Go on Pinterest. Later.

Enni: opens Pinterest

Motivation: Why. I tried so hard.

And that’s the story of my life.

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        So, how’d you like it? Procrastination was bugging me, telling me not to finish this post…but Motivation finished him once and for all. Insanity is raging as ever, and Sanity has become the next sleeping beauty. As for Practicality? We don’t talk about the Dark Brain Corners.

        Let me know if you want more posts like these! It was really fun to do, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much I did. Bye!



14 thoughts on “What Happens in a Writer’s Brain

  1. I have one word for you.


    XD XD You know, I actually journal something like that sometimes when I get a new story idea. I thought I was the only one. XD


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