Introducing: My Camp NaNo Project

      Long time no see, am I right? To see my excuse, just glance up at the title. That’s right. Camp NaNo’s arrived, and we’re ten days into it. (I was supposed to get this post on March 29th, actually, but…)

        Can you believe it? It seems like only last week I was still trying to remember my MC’s last name. Actually, it WAS last week. I don’t see the point of remembering their last names unless it’s really so important to the plot…which it is…but beside the point.

      Anyways, if you don’t know what Camp NaNoWriMo is, here’s a crash course: You set a goal of a number of words to write or minutes to spend towards your project. It starts on April 1st, and ends  April 30th. By the end of the month, if you’ve completed your goal, you win! You’re also in cabins – a community with like-minded writers. Altogether, it’s stressful, dreadful, and heinous. I’m just kidding it’s actually pretty fun. 

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(I’m really terrible at novel titles, and I haven’t managed to come up with one yet)

Synopsis: In a world where everybody receives magical abilities on their 14th birthday, Isla is the odd one out. When she undergoes a machine that supposedly will give her the powers she craves, she finds that it backfires. Badly. Being joined by her two friends, Isla begins a journey to find the maker of the machine and bring herself back to normal.



         THE WORLDBUILDING WAS SO MUCH FUN. But basically, Ikrasia is the world that they’re in, and Westerlight, Eastdell, and Setryn are the three main continents. Citlali is a country on Eastdell, which is where Isla lives. Her small town of Woodwyn is on the right side of the river you see in Citlali next to the mountains, among some very nice hills. I like hills.



Les plus belles femmes du monde sont sur The Atlas of Beauty | Mardi Insta | The Creators Project

Age: 14

Ethnicities: Chinese

Siblings: One older brother whose name I have forgotten

Occupation: Student

Magical Ability: None

Qualities: Smart, witty, ambitious, cunning, creative, logical, intelligent

Flaws: A touch of anti-socialism, critical, insensitive, somewhat condescending

MBTI Type: INTP (like me!)

Motivation: Wants to have powers and to reverse how the machine backfired on her

Role in Story: Protagonist



Angel Bodies

Age: 14

Ethnicities: German + Spanish

Siblings: One younger brother who doesn’t even HAVE a name

Occupation: Student, also part time babysitter

Magical Ability: Can manipulate air

Qualities: Caring, dedicated, down-to-earth, honest, fiercely loyal

Flaws: Uptight, hates change, stubborn, a bit of a grudge-holder


Motivation: To help others and start a hospital

Role in Story: Isla’s friend/supporting character



character inspiration, jonah's older brother, romantic relationship with elizabet  Skylar's love interest

Age: 14

Ethnicities: Croatian, Czech Republican

Siblings: None

Occupation: Student, messenger

Magical Ability: Can project somebody’s greatest fear

Qualities: Good leader, assertive, intelligent, innovative, persuasive

Flaws: Bossy, argumentative, insensitive, overwhelming


Motivation: POWERRRR

Role in Story: Isla’s friend/supporting character



Her Mother, Niamh Blythe, was an immigrant from Ireland who fled due to a famine. She was only 19 when she met her future husband, Rolland Mattis.

Age: 51

Ethnicities: SHE’S IRISH

Siblings: No comment

Occupation: Well, none, really

Magical Ability: Invention (as in really talented in invention)

Qualities: Can be sweet, idealistic, clever, persuasive, good with others’ emotions

Flaws: TOO idealistic, needy, desperate, sensitive, manipulative


Motivation: To earn love again

Role in Story: Antagonist


Cute Black Girls

Age: 17

Ethnicities: African-American

Siblings:  In a set of triplets – Calix and Zael

Occupation: Rogue-ish, kinda not really

Magical Ability: Force blasts

Qualities:  Spontaneous, go-with-the-flow, relaxed, persuasive, charismatic

Flaws: Too easygoing, kind of insensitive, can be close-minded, likes trolling people

MBTI Type: ESTP? I guess?

Motivation: A nice life

Role in the Story: Supporting character



*literally a masculine version of Solandis’ face, but with glasses*

*also my favorite character*

Age: 17

Ethnicities: African-American

Siblings: In a set of triplets – Solandis and Zael

Occupation: See Solandis

Magical Ability: Air mimicry

Qualities: Practical, truthful, reliable, loyal, down-to-earth, sensible

Flaws: Hates improvising, strict, nit-picky, brutally honest


Motivation: To become successful and to stop his siblings from quarelling for ten seconds

Role in Story:  Supporting character



*see Calix* *minus the glasses though*

Age: 17

Ethnicities: African-American

Siblings: In a set of triplets – Solandis and Calix

Occupation: See Solandis

Magical Ability: Golem creation

Qualities: Friendly, loves people, entertaining, somewhat innocent

Flaws: Easily stressed, sensitive, can be somewhat whiny


Motivation: Happiness

Role in Story: Supporting character

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            Well, that’s my Camp NaNoWriMo project for you! Who’s your favorite character so far? Camp NaNo, as stressful as it can be, is really honestly quite fun though. Are any you doing it? If so, do tell me all about it – I’d love to hear. 😀









20 thoughts on “Introducing: My Camp NaNo Project

  1. Your characters all sound very cool! I really like your main character, and the synopsis sounds AMAZING.

    At first I was amazed by how stereotypical your INFP character is. But then I saw that she was the antagonist… and that’s amazing. Amazing. I have never heard of an INFP villain, except the phantom in The Phantom of the Operah.

    Solandis Ilian Lennox is so prettyyy! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I was worried that she would be kind of stereotypical and cliché as well, so I added that little twist. And thank you so much! I read your Camp NaNo post as well, and I find the concept incredible. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ma just say Enni, this should already be an award winning, best selling book and I can’ wait to buy it and have you sign it up front and personal. Just ahhh it’s wonderful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. asdfghjkl; that’s so sweet, wow. The same to you, as well, and don’t worry – I’m 100% going to put the Wordsmiths in the dedication + acknowledgements. Especially you, my crazy little birdie.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. See, that is why the lack of one L and the E instead of the U is so important. XD Basically, he can make creatures out of elemental objects. Think…Elsa and that snow monster she made.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooo Camp NaNoWrimo sound fun! I don’t have a writing project but….
    I think my favorite character right now is SOLANDIS ILIAN LENNOX! I just learned what the Meyer Briggs test was…I literally looked up all of the MBTI Types on all of your characters! I am a INTJ-T 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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