Pananaw Blog Tour: The Triple Threat

       Hello, people – today I have the great pleasure to participate in my dear friend Jo’s blog tour. Since I felt like it, we did a triple threat with a combination of a character interview, a Jo interview, and a blog spotlight. We managed to put together the last question this morning – since I procrastinate – so now, here we go!


        Since I don’t know how this works, I’ll just say a few things about the blog and Jo. 🙂

        When I met Jo in…I’m not very good with dates but sometime last year?…she immediately got my curiosity firing. I appreciated her writing style which honestly, is kind of hard to describe. But it’s very honest, very raw, yet at the same time it still has the air of professionalism and humor about it.

        Jo herself is a wonderful personality – you can talk to her about all sorts of subjects, from fandoms to world problems. (Such as why girls’ jean pockets are so pathetic) (Bleh) She’s one of the people who I can thoroughly enjoy ranting with, because every word she says has logic and passion in it.

Altogether, go befriend her – you won’t have any regrets.


        Jo is doing a thing where each day, we insert part of a link, not the whole thing. Being on the first day, I get the first part. Not  rocket science. XD


       On the last day of the blog tour, the link will be fully revealed, and you can go follow Jo’s blog to your heart’s content. 😀 I believe that I phrased that wrong, but oh well.

       The schedule for the blog tour is as follows:

May 5:

Character Interview with Ava @

Combo with Jemima Puddleduck @

Interview with Rose @


May 6:

Combo with Grace @

ZCN News Interview + Spotlight with Emmie @

Interview + Blog Spotlight with Isabel @


May 7:

Interview (aka squealing) with Tess @

Charrie Interview + Spotlight with Merie Shen @


May 8:

Interview with Allison Grace @

Blog Spotlight with Meredith @

Combo with Christina @


May 9:

Character Interview with Chloë Mali @

Blog Spotlight with Maya J.T @

Combo with Amie @

Character Interview + Blog Spotlight! Penny Wood @

Blog Spotlight with Bayance @

Blog Spotlight with Starling @

Character Interview + Blog Spotlight with Liz @



      I had the pleasure of interviewing Tandy Wishy, who is a character from Jo’s WIP The A’s and B’s of Normal, which she’d better hurry up writing because I really want to read it. XD


       Tandy shall be in italics and I will be in normal font. Without further ado, let’s get on to the interview. (Hey, that rhymed)

Hey, Tandy Wishy!

*waves* Oh, hello!
How are you today?
I am well, and how are you? 

Great! Okay, so let’s get this interview on this road. 

….. okay..
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Well, I don’t usually eat very strange things… but but  I DID try something Ricky’s grandma made once. It wasn’t strange, it was delicious!
Haha, that’s nice. Have you ever seen anything peculiar?

I think.. that the.. weirdest thing would be my friend Ricky. She lives to do things like slide off banisters and hang from trees. I’m a little bit worried about her.

Heh, bit of a daredevil isn’t she?

Well, she actually made me watch the TV show with her.. I’m a little confused by it, but yes, I think so. 

What’s the best thing that you’ve ever done?

That’s kinda hard to answer. I really like the time when I got a job at the college, but there are other good times too! *stops* I’ll go with that. 🙂

That’s great! Do you like microwaves?
……yes? They’re VERY helpful, and I think my mom would have a hard time without them. 

It’s true! Are you a night owl or a morning bird?


I am.. not a bird. But I do have to wake up early for my job! I like that very much. 

XD What’s your favorite holiday?

I love Christmas, because I get to be with all of my family! .. I think that’s it.

What’s your favorite type of weather?


Ohh, I like all kinds of weather! But especially rain. it’s pretty!
What plans for the future do you have?

I want to keep working at the college until I can get my business degree, so I can open up a shop! It will take a while, but I’m getting there!

So, one interview down, one to go. 😀
I will be normal again *sniffle* and Jo will be bold.

Could you get away with watching Captain America: The First Avenger and then jumping to Infinity War?

How dare you. Could you get away with reading the first book of Chronicles of Narnia and jumping to the last? I dIdN’t tHiNk sO.
Yeah…who would do that…
Have you ever broken something expensive in a store?
Thankfully.. not that I can think of.
It’s only a matter of time, though. 
I broke a snowglobe once
You poor soul. 
What’s your most listened-to song this week?
Uh, it would have to be The Call, by Regina Spektor. Post-Endgame feels, what can I say?
What’s the worst song you’ve ever listened to?

Umm…it would have to be Say No To This.. from Hamilton. ALEXANDER YOU NINNY

Here, I’ll teach ya how to say no to this.

What’s your favorite Hamilton song?


One? One? ONE!? I can’t just pick one! My Shot, Non-Stop, and Dear Theodosia. They’re the best ones. Ever. 
Which song makes you bawl?
Oh goodness. I’m Not Here, by Me + T.. uhm.. Three, by Sleeping At Last. Honestly these hit me so hard. 
Not sure if I want to listen to ’em or not 😛

What book deserves to burn forever?



Which book character deserves to die?


Oh dear… how can I wish that fate on anyone? Maybe  Josie Pye from Anne of Green Gables. She’s mean enough to deserve it. Or Veruca Salt. 
What’s your favorite part of writing The A’s and B’s of Normal?

Ooh, good question. Definitely the style- so how it reads is Ricky is writing her story and I’m writing Ricky writing her story, so it’s really fun to delve into her thought processes as she tries to write about her though processes. Weird, but it works, so.

What’s your pet peeve?
People who are polite but also intentionally condescending. Because you can’t just call them out on it. It’s terrible. 
       So, that concludes my part of the blog tour! I hope that you enjoyed, and you should definitely follow along till the end so that you can be able to follow Jo’s blog, once and for all. 🙂
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