Some Overdue Tags + Awards

            So, here’s the thing – I am quite the procrastinator on tags, oops. The Tessinator tagged me for two, and I figured that I should probably do them, heh.

          The first one is from January, oh goodness. Have I really procrastinated six months? But anyways, it’s a classic – The Liebster Award.

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liebster award rules

              Thank you Tess, again, for the nomination. 🙂 (Do I get another nomination for procrastinating like that?)

11  Answered Questions


What was your favorite TV show/movie when you were a kid?

Oh gosh. This is gonna be a wild ride.

  1.  My Little Pony. Oh yeesh, I was obsessed with this one. At one point, I legitimately started to copy down the first episode on paper. I still remember what it was about – something about Twilight wanting to work and Spike (I almost typed Sprite, hehe) complaining. I think.
  2. Martha Speaks. This one is less shameful. XD But I loved this show – Martha was adorable, honestly.
  3. The Buddies. This was a movie series that I was severely obsessed with for the longest time. Snow Buddies kind of ruined it for me when my brother *had* to tell me the behind-the-scenes but oh well. They were so freaking adorable, though.


What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

So, I’ve given this answer before but I firmly do believe that everybody should go to Switzerland and yodel their hearts out.


What do you think is the best way to start the day?

Sleeping some more. Nah, I’m just kidding. (But not really) I think the best way to start the day is going outside and getting some fresh air, but how I really start the day is huddling up in a blanket burrito.

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What is one of your favorite smells?

I love the smells of vanilla, raspberry lemonade, and jasmine. There’s also this one tree in the neighborhood that smells really great – but I’ve no idea what it’s called, huh. Ooh, mint is also a really great scent. I just realized that the question was in the singular, oops.


If you were suddenly put on a stage and told to deliver a speech, what would you talk about?

Oh, yikes. I hope that never happens to me because that would be a nightmare. 😛 I would probably start off with some really inspirational sentence, and then just improvise supporting statements the rest of the way that didn’t really follow. Oh well.


Do you think Wikipedia is a reliable source?

It’s what I use for 60% of my research, so I sure hope so.

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What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

All the advice.

Nah, I’m just kidding. But for real…that’s rough, I’m not too sure.


What age would you like to live to?

I think it’d be neat to reach triple-digits. 🙂


What do you want carved on your gravestone?

Okay, so this is hard. I don’t really want those cheesy, “Best of daughters, sisters, friends” blah blah blah because you don’t say those things in real life. I think that something along the lines of, “Not faking it this time” or whatever. Because faking your death would be a hilarious experience.


Have you ever saved someone’s life?

Not to my knowledge, but who knows. You might save a life every day without knowing it. (Now that sounded like a cheesy quote from Whisper I’m sorry)
Opinion on chow mein?

I’m sorry to say that I had to look up what that was, heh. It’s just…we Asians don’t call food stuff like that. We call it noodles with some stuff in it. XD

Insert random picture of Misty for no particular reason. She looks quite disgruntled.

11 Random Facts

  1.  I have double-jointed elbows. I actually didn’t realize this until I was leaning on my hands and my friend flipped out.
  2. I don’t like bananas. (I’m sorry, but the smell makes me nauseous)
  3. I have a bullet journal and a messy journal. The bullet journal is for when I want to be productive and stuff. The messy journal is for bad drawings, brainstorming, etc. etc. (Because I like keeping my messy and neat separate, thank you)
  4. I absolutely hate the feeling of unglazed pottery.
  5. I’m allergic to crustaceans and nuts.
  6. I’m also allergic to kiwis, which is weird because who the heck is allergic to something as pathetic as a kiwi?
  7.  I’ve had an obsession with Switzerland ever since I’ve read Heidi. (You’ve probably noticed)
  8.  I love the twenties. Because who doesn’t like those flapper dresses?
  9.  I used to ice skate.
  10. I don’t like chocolate ice cream. Don’t kill me, but IT DOESN’T TASTE ANYTHING CHOCOLATE AND IT’S BITTER AND BLEGH.
  11. Potatoes are very good. Except for those small, boiled potatoes. What’s the fun in those?


11 Nominees

        So, here’s the thing – literally every blogger that I can think of has done this tag or doesn’t do tags. If you are one of the rare beings that hasn’t, then I will nominate you. (I’m also too lazy to get 11 links, but let’s ignore that)


11 Questions

  1. What’s the worst feeling?
  2. What’s the best feeling?
  3. What’s your best quality?
  4. Opinion on Oreos?
  5. Do you like chocolate ice cream?
  6. Which flavor in Neapolitan ice cream do you eat first?
  7. What’s an underrated movie that you love?
  8. What’s the worst way you’ve ever been ripped off?
  9. What’s the best part of having a cold?
  10. What’s something you see everyday that’s always fascinated you?
  11. What’s your favorite Oreo flavor?

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The Rules

  1. Graciously thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Answer the following ten questions in the tag. Images of your characters are encouraged, but not necessary.
  3. You may only use Original Characters (OCs) for this tag. As expected.
  4. Characters from fairytale retellings are not allowed. Because then that would be too easy.
  5. Explain why your character matches the description, because if you don’t, that would not be fun.
  6. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Do not hurt your little babies in this process.
  7. Link back to this post: so I can read about all the fun your characters embark on!
  8. Tag a few other bloggers to play this game too! (And make sure they’re writers… because if you tag a non-writer to do this one, it would be really awkward.)

        Would you look at that – some rules that aren’t the same as the rest. Huh.

        Anyway, thank you Tess AGAIN, and it turns out that she tagged me for this back in April, so I mean, it’s an improvement – right?

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Which of your characters…


1. Is most likely to be turned into a frog (and then thrown against the wall because of additional obnoxiousness)?

Hmm, let’s see. Who could possibly be that annoying? I’m trying to decide between Smart Alec annoyingness and Naive annoyingness. But since there would be addition of being thrown against the wall, so I’m leaning more towards the former. Yup, I think I’ve got it.

Eden from “Shadows”

 Most of my character images are stocked up on Pinterest, but since that doesn’t work in China, I have none. Welp.

Anyway, Eden is a smart alec who will argue her head off if she thinks that you’re wrong. No – she will not stop. 110% frog-turning material.


2. Could probably persuade a man – sent to kill them on pain of death – not to kill them, through charisma or charm alone (or manipulation, whichever way you take it)?

Well, let’s see…Eden also possesses quite a bit of skill at manipulation, but I don’t really want to do her again.

Kyan from “Sonder”

He would probably use both charisma and manipulation as his tools, because although he’s a bossy pain, he’s an expert at getting what he wants. 


3. Is that kind of person who waves around a weapon (or other sharp pointy object) everywhere they go, regardless of their skill in handling it (which is to say, probably quite doubtful)?

Oh, this is easy.

Aria for “Blizzards”

Screenshot (24)

Yup, this girl is way too naïve, and would probably have a lot of fun with knives. Her life revolves around fun, and what would be more fun than waving around dangerous weapons?

4. Can endure the most pain with a stoic, completely neutral face (maybe s/he’s dancing)?

So, I have two that could do this, but they have pretty distinct personalities, so oh dear. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go with the last one I thought of, because the first one wouldn’t get herself in a situation to warrant pain in the first place. XD

Calix from “Sonder”

He’s a very logically-minded, sensible person who isn’t really into drama unlike his triplets. But he’s capable of taking a lot of pain, and probably not making a sound throughout it all.


5. Is most likely to pull off a Hua Mulan and face a trial as one of the opposite gender if needed?

Okay, so this is rough because I have two candidates for this. But gah…which one should I pick over the other? I DON’T KNOW.

Solandis from “Sonder”

She’s a huge prankster and kind of a troll, but she’s also a rogue. Therefore, she would 100% take an opposite gender challenge and pull it off.

daylight environment forest idyllic
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6. Would be quickest to obey a talking cat when it demands them to buy it a pair of boots?

Well, I feel like this would be Nereida, but on the other hand, she’s revolved around practicality. Talking cats and boots aren’t exactly too sensible, which is Nereida, but I don’t really know anybody else who could fit this description. Wait, actually, I think I do. 


Ryn from “Shadows”

He lost his mind a while back, so a talking cat wouldn’t be anything new. But he’s a big softie when it comes to animals and things like that, so he’d probably get it some boots in a heartbeat.

7. Is willing to do anything– absolutely anything– in order to rescue someone s/he loves (includes killing innocent foxes and asking the moon for help)?

GEE I DON’T EVEN KNOW. Asking the moon for help seems kind of, well, boho/hippie or whatever. Which none of my characters are, actually. But killing innocent foxes is pretty hardcore, especially since I love foxes, and welp, I don’t know, yikes. WAIT I JUST REMEMBERED. I DO HAVE A HIPPIE-ISH CHARACTER. 


Casimir from “Shadows”

He’s a really big dreamer, but dedicated to those who love. But on the other hand, I don’t think that he could ever kill something so it’s more only half-way there.

desire path surrounded with trees and grass
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8. Seems to stubbornly not die no matter what you put them through?

I don’t feel like I actually put my characters through that much, actually. They either just die or they don’t. There’s not too much suffering beforehand, unless you count mentally. In that case…argh, I still don’t know.

Isla from “Sonder”

She’s had a few seizures and attacks, but I wasn’t planning for her to die in the first place, so you know. 😛 She’s not the one to really voice her pain, though, which is where a lot of it comes from in the first place.

9. Is the terrifyingly malicious, extra-megalomaniacal, wildly unpredictable Queen of Hearts/Bluebeard villain (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

I really don’t think I even have one of these, yeesh. The villains that I have written work pretty behind-the-scenes – the characters don’t actually encounter them, but they are affected by his/her actions. But the closest that I can get? Well, let’s see.

King Tryton from “Shadows”

He’s another behind-the-scenes worker who you actually only see once, but his actions are carried out through his sister, who’s a different sort of villain. However, I guess he could be kind of maniacal, though I’ve always considered him a more steady character.

white and brown trees on forest during daytime
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10. Is the terrifyingly placid, blood-freezingly calm, monotone-voiced villain that is Every Fairytale Villain in History Incarnate (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

Okay, this one’s easy. When I first wrote her, I thought she was really cool and hardcore and stuff, but now looking back…it’s quite a lot of clichés. XD Oh well, I’ll edit it later.

Guardian Scarlett

This is the sister that was mentioned above, and she is 100% the type of villain described. Yup. She’s quite cliché. But she’s also a terrifying assassin who throws knives and hunts you down and…I think I’m making it more cliché as I speak.



       I don’t know any writers who haven’t done this tag, so if you wanna, go ahead!


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           Thank you for reading that EXTREMELY long post, and if you would like to do any of these tags/awards, go ahead! (Today is not my day for long endings, which I suppose is well after such a lengthy post :P)

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