Introducing “The Blanket Burrito”

       About a month ago, I felt the need of a fresh start. I know; that’s something that I say a lot but this time I meant it.

       On the Wings of a Dream, as much as I liked it, wasn’t really something that fit me anymore. It felt like it was time for a change – a big change. (Bigger is better, they say.)

      So, I created a new site. A new blog. I designed a fresh header and button, wrote a bio, and there it as. (I looked up synonyms for new, but I couldn’t find any good ones so I gave up on the word.)

      Now, I present to you…

The Blanket Burrito

      The Blanket Burrito is a blog for all things warm and cozy. In case that doesn’t sound specific enough, you’ll be able to find posts that mostly revolve around books, tea, and comfort food and drinks. It’s also a place for all blanket burritos to commune and be our wonderful selves.

       On the Wings of a Dream, henceforth, will be discontinued. If you could take some time to check out this new blog, then it won’t be unappreciated. 😉

      And that’s not all; a group of people agreed to do a blog tour for me (which I appreciate so much, by the way). The blog tour will be from the 25th-31st, and will be starring these bloggers:

25th – Enni/Me @On the Wings of a Dream/The Blanket Burrito (Opening Post)

26th – Menni & Genni @Yes, We’re Insane

27th – Neria  @TBD

28th – Liz @Home with the Hummingbirds

29th – Tess @Steeplechase

30th – Jo @ Pananaw

31st – Chloe @Chloe Mali


     Be sure to check out all these wonderful blogs on each day, since they really are amazing and worth your time. (Completely.)

     Anyway, thank you so much, and I hope to see you as a blanket burrito!

     For the last time,

Blank 4 x 2 in (3)


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