My Dolls

        This isn’t a doll blog, but Ivy, Eva, and Tenney do get featured once in a while. 😀 So, in order to avoid confusion, I will be writing down their profiles. 🙂



Nickname(s): Eva, Lyn-Lyn…well, actually, nobody calls me Lyn-Lyn so cross that out. 😛 I wish they would, though!

Age: I was born on July the 27th, 2007.

Favorite Color: It’s tricky, but I think coral and denim blue.

Favorite Animal: AH, THIS IS SO HARD. Trumpeter Swans, and…RABBITS.

Hobbies: I dance. Mostly ballet, but I can present some pretty darn good contemporary, jazz, ballroom, and pretty much anything except for hip-hop. Nope, not my thing.

Personality: Tenney calls me spunky, quick-tempered, motivated, determined, sensitive, impatient, impulsive, caring, and a born leader, planner, and manager. As you can probably guess, extrovert all the way!

Clothing Style: Hmm…anything with a jacket, whether it be denim, leather, or whatever. They’re my signature style!

Likes: Christmas, Ballet, Acting, Family, Friends, Blogging, Cameras, Dancing, Bunnies, Photoshoots, Snow, Winter, and Cuteness and Fluff.

Dislikes: When people mispronounce things, people that make a big deal out of little things, braggers, messy people, and people who have terrible grammar/spelling.

Type of Doll: Erm…they revamped the Truly Me dolls, but I believe that I’m a #64? I think? I have black-brown layered hair, light skin, and brown eyes. If that helps. 😛

Favorite Food: Anything Italian. Seriously.

Dream Vacation Spot: Italy!

Favorite Pastime: Organizing stuff. Sounds crazy, but it’s so…SATISFYING.

Fun Fact: I have broken 15 bones in my whole life from dancing, climbing trees, and falling. Yes. I’m surprisingly clumsy in real life.

Tennyson Evangeline Liant


Nickname(s): Tenney. EVERYBODY calls me Tenney.

Age: May the 28th, 2005 is when I was blessed with this life.

Favorite Color: Indigo. It’s just so…expressive.

Favorite Animal: Songbirds – I love them as a simple of joy and hope.

Hobbies: You can hear me playing on my guitar frequently – she and I are best buddies.

Personality: Well, I don’t like to talk about myself, but they call me caring, hard-working, patient, peace-making, easily-hurt, sensitive, too idealistic, and extremely shy. So yes. I am a too idealistic introvert.

Clothing Style: I don’t know?

Likes: Fall, leaves, cocoa, sweet things, patient people, dreaming, playing my guitar, family, joking around, being happy, forgiveness…the list goes on and on.

Dislikes: When people tease me for being shy around new people, having my plans being shattered, pain, being teased about my sensitivity to pain…

Type of Doll: Tenney Grant.

Favorite Food: Chili. I really am quite fond of chili.

Dream Vacation Spot: I would love to be able to go to Spain.

Favorite Pastime: I siiiiing….

Fun Fact: I cry every time I am hurt in the least way.

Ivy Diane Liant


Nickname(s): How do you go about nicknaming Ivy? Vy? I?  Seriously!

Age: I was born on December the 17th, 2006

Favorite Color: Silver is really cool.

Favorite Animal: The Arctic Fox is epic.

Hobbies: Art is my literal LIFE.

Personality: Sassy, sarcastic, forgiving, loyal, impatient, tough, trustworthy, and open-minded, content.

Clothing Style: Meh. Style.

Likes: Drawing, art, museums, love, coziness, happiness, comebacks, laughter…honestly, a lot.

Dislikes: I don’t do dislikes.

Type of Doll: Retired MAG #4

Favorite Food: Stir-fry – I ADORE STIR-FRY.

Dream Vacation Spot: Honestly, it would be really cool to go back to my home country – China.

Favorite pastime: I like to roller-blade. I’m terrible at it, but it’s fun.

Fun Fact: Enni has an elderly friend who was going to give me to her, but when she got her, Enni was only three, so they decided not to. Now, a loooooooooooooooooong time later, Enni has finally managed to adopt me!




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