It’s Been a Year: Reacting to My First Post

           Hooves and Pens. Some of you may recognize that name, some may not. Whatever it strikes up in you, it doesn't change the fact that this was my very first blog. On April the 22nd, 2017, I entered the world of WordPress - a world full of something that I'd find … Continue reading It’s Been a Year: Reacting to My First Post


It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!

         My novel: All the chapters are the same, the characters are alike, and the plot is random and unconstructed. I would totally give this up if it wasn't for Tess - I mean, it's hard to quit a book when your friend is one of the main characters. Nope, not happening. Well, I guess … Continue reading It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!

Sunshine and Mistys//AKA Photography

            Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Yes, you too little bumblebee...and butterfly...and bird...oh well, what else can expect in mid-April? With temperatures ranging from the 20s to the 60s and weather changing from rainstorms to sunbeams, it's a typical Washington spring month. I should be a professional weather-person-thing, … Continue reading Sunshine and Mistys//AKA Photography

So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

          I'm in camp. No, not the marshmallow-roasting, fireside-singing kind of camp - though that sounds really great right now - but the dreaded Camp NaNoWriMo. *gulp* We're halfway through April, which means only 16 days to write 16,000 words? GO AWAY. I'M SCARED.         You might be thinking … Continue reading So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

Trials and Triumphs: Unique Names

       Alright, so before we get going - I want you all to do something. If you are on the hideous reader, go ahead and switch to my site. I...revamped it. Don't worry - nothing too drastic, it's just a little bit more simplistic and XD        All people with unique … Continue reading Trials and Triumphs: Unique Names

My Birthday//In Which I Talk About Moi

           Guess who's popping into WordPress Town to sing this little ditty? Happy Birthday to me...I'm a hundred and three! No, not really. XD I'm not allowed to say what age I'm turning, so take a guess in the comments, if you please! 🙂             I'm dividing this … Continue reading My Birthday//In Which I Talk About Moi

The Writer Type Test: Sad, Mad, or…?

Me: What should I blog today? Mind: Well, how am I supposed to know? Me:'re my mind. Mind: I resign. I think I'm going to switch minds. Me: That's not scientifically, physically, or mentally possible. Mind: I'm your mind. I create your thoughts. Appreciate me.              After a long, drawn-out battle, my … Continue reading The Writer Type Test: Sad, Mad, or…?