Sunshine and Mistys//AKA Photography

            Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Yes, you too little bumblebee…and butterfly…and bird…oh well, what else can expect in mid-April? With temperatures ranging from the 20s to the 60s and weather changing from rainstorms to sunbeams, it’s a typical Washington spring month. I should be a professional weather-person-thing, shouldn’t I? XD

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~ Hello//Rose Photography ~

Greeting 2.png

         Welcome to On the Wings of a Dream! First off, I want to thank my lovely Pegasi for all your support – you’ve all been so kind and sweet…*sniffles* Honestly, I don’t deserve a quarter of the praise that you’ve all give me! I’m so excited to start blogging afresh, and I’m even more excited to be able to do it with an army of awesome, epic, supporters behind me. ❤

         For my first post, I’ve decided to do a rose photo dump. We have a really pretty rose bush in our yard – when the roses are young, they’re the prettiest deep pink color, and then as they grow older, they turn into this pinkish-white, (which is breathtaking) and when they’re just white…oh, it’s so beautiful. It’s my favorite thing to take pictures of – especially when the dewdrops are on it…*sighs* well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so, I’ll stop talking now. 😛

PicMonkey Sample


See what I mean by deep pink and dewdrops? 😀


And, see what I mean about that beautiful white-pink? *gushes over how beautiful it is*


What a pretty little rose…


I actually really like this…<3


Do you like this picture better…


…Or this one?



Well, somebody photobombed. (Bottom left corner)


A pretty blush-coral color. 🙂


I don’t know why I like the roses in the background so much – but I do!


If only we had a more romantic tablecloth. XD


Look! The rose is dancing! Which…is why it’s slightly blurry. 😛


Oh, it’s so perfect – even with the brown part; that just deepens it’s beauty.


This rose is JUST about to open. JUST.


I’m not sure of what I think about this one…ah, a rose photobombed again. :/ (Bottom Middle Corner – White Petal)


I also don’t know what I think about this one…


I think a little more focus could have been on the rose? I don’t know. 😛


Is it just me, or is it slightly blurry?



We conclude with a rose in the snow – I very much like it, although the focus is more on the stem than the flower. Stem in the snow? XD


PicMonkey Sample

          That concludes my photo dump! 😀 What’s your favorite picture? I will see you soon, and thank you, amazing pegasi followers! ❤

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