Tunes of My Heart ~ The Best Blog Tour

Greeting 2

              So, everybody’s here heard of Rebekah, right? WELL, IF YOU HAVEN’T THEN GO FOLLOW STUFFIE ADVENTURES RIGHT NOW SO YOU WILL HAVE HEARD OF IT. Stuffie Adventures is one of the best things of my life, so hurry up and follow. No, I’m not being dramatic. Yes, I’m slightly crazy.

          Well, today, I am so, so, so ecstatic to present her…*drumroll* *trumpets* *screaming* *cheering* *dancing* *hugging* *singing* NEW PERSONAL BLOG. AHHHHHHH! She’s retired blogging on Head in the Clouds, (I know how that feels!) and is now blogging on her brand new blog, Tunes of my Heart which I personally think is…indescribable.

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~ Little Liebsters: An Award Post ~

Greeting 2

    I was surprised and delighted to find that both the lovely Lizzy and Sapphire had nominated me for the Liebster Award! Since, after answering both of these awards, this will be my fourth time with the Liebster Award, so please don’t nominate me anymore. 😛

Liebster Award 101

  1. Thank the person who nominated you!
  2. Answer the eleven questions!
  3. Name eleven random facts about yourself!
  4. Nominate eleven blogs and inform them that you nominated them!
  5. Give them eleven questions to answer!

         I wonder who created the Liebster award…it’s probably the most popular award in the whole blogosphere. XD In fact, I don’t even know who to nominate. 😛 I’ll be combining both of Lizzy’s and Sapphire’s questions, so instead of eleven, you can read twenty-two. :O

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~ Amazing Awards ~

Greeting 2

         I know that it’s been a pretty short time since I focused my post on the beautiful Misty, (go check it out if you haven’t, yet!) but I’ve been nominated for three tags/awards already, :O, so I wanted to do them before I procrastinate horribly and have literally 57 tags/awards that I haven’t done, because that’s what happened on my last blog, Hooves & Pens. 😉

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