Bookish Rants #1: Why Frodo Is NOT Weak

      *warning: many, many spoilers*      Hello, readers, and Happy 2019. To greet this new year – though I’m three days late, hehe – I’ve decided to start a new series called Bookish Rants. Basically, it’s rants on books. *mind-blown* I bet that you would’ve never guessed. *in case you didn’t read carefully, there’s SPOILERS*         I’ve been rereading … Continue reading Bookish Rants #1: Why Frodo Is NOT Weak

The Trials of Being a Morning Person

           Mornings. For some, it emits a groan and for others, a wonderful cheer. I am of the latter – and if you are of the former…*shakes head* You have no idea on what you are missing out on, people! I’m literally the only one of my friends that actually loves getting up early, so it’s always nice to find a few people who are … Continue reading The Trials of Being a Morning Person

Happy 4th Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! + Pen Pal Themed Giveaway

Originally posted on A Barefoot Gal:
Hello everyone! Guess what today is! If you answered that it’s either my brothers birthday, Mother’s Day, Frog Jumping Day, or my blog’s fourth blogiversary, you are correct! Since, after all, this is on my blog, I will mainly be discussing that holiday but before we start here’s a little bit on the other holidays. Besides, it would be… Continue reading Happy 4th Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! + Pen Pal Themed Giveaway

Trials and Triumphs: Unique Names

       Alright, so before we get going – I want you all to do something. If you are on the hideous reader, go ahead and switch to my site. I…revamped it. Don’t worry – nothing too drastic, it’s just a little bit more simplistic and well…uh…blue. XD

       All people with unique names will relate to the feeling of joy when somebody finally, finally pronounces/spells it right. Honestly, I could dance I feel so excited – literally. But…there’s other ups and downs too, which is why this post exists. Great.

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AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses

Greeting 2

         Let’s fly away on your silver and golden wings all the way to a new world where the final round of AAWC will take place. Thank you SO much for hosting this Zielle – it was incredibly fun, and it really helped to boost my imagination as well as to write and photography more!

         You can check out my other entries here, (this entry’s prequel) here, (my personal favorite) here, (CRINGE ALERT!) and… here, which is the one I was really excited to continue, but…yeah, you know. But anyways, let us proceed!

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Greeting 2

              AH, these challenges go by so fast! :O I believe there’s only one more left?? Well anyways, I’m quite excited about today’s entry, and I hope you are too! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

PicMonkey Sample

            It was February the 12th, two days before a very special holiday. Valentine Aphrodite lived in the utopia of Diamond where the holidays dwelt and planned. The girl was popular – especially among teen boys – with dark red hair, gray eyes, and a smooth complexion. At this moment just before noon, she was talking with her best friend Easter.

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AAWC #3 – Where the Golden People Walk

Greeting 2

           Whoop-whoop! It’s Challenge 3 of AAWC, and do you know what? Team Summer is in the lead! 😀 Keep it up, team! Anyways, for today’s story I only used on prompt:

         I hope you enjoy this tale of old, (not really) and yippee for AAWC!

PicMonkey Sample

Where the Golden People Walk

             Summer. Normally for fun-loving, carefree me, it meant parties, pools and days of monotony and pleasure. But not this year. Not since Mom had been diagnosed with brain cancer. We had prayed together for healing, but when the doctors had flatly told her that there was no hope and had sent her back home, we prepared ourselves for the best.

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