Happy 4th Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! + Pen Pal Themed Giveaway

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Hello everyone! Guess what today is! If you answered that it’s either my brothers birthday, Mother’s Day, Frog Jumping Day, or my blog’s fourth blogiversary, you are correct! Since, after all, this is on my blog, I will mainly be discussing that holiday but before we start here’s a little bit on the other holidays. Besides, it would be… Continue reading Happy 4th Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! + Pen Pal Themed Giveaway

December the 29th – Don’t Forget To…

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          Hello, hello, everyone. So, I have a special announcement to make that involves the life of my friend and fellow blogger on this collab, Neria.         Now, don’t worry, don’t worry, I didn’t put her up for ransom or anything…I mean, that would be fun, but I didn’t. I didn’t… Continue reading December the 29th – Don’t Forget To…

No Matter Where Trailer//An AGPS Series

Greeting 2

        I was staring at my two of my three dolls, Eva and Ivy, this morning when an idea suddenly stuck in my astute mind. The idea for a photo story. So, this is obviously not a doll blog, but hey, you dream about dolls and stories, don’t you? So why not? Therefore, I want to present to you…


PicMonkey Sample



       I always had a memory back in my mind…a memory of a girl, a girl who shared a home with me. Until…I went to the orphanage. 

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~ Christmas Carols for the Mood ~


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         If you’re like me, then you’re obsessed with Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re also obsessed with singing/songs. And finally, if you’re like me, Christmas Carols are the best thing invented since candy cane Oreos. Therefore, *clears throat* I present to you a list of different Christmas Carols for you to listen to depending on your mood! 😀 I hope you enjoy!

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