Welcome to…THE BUTTON PAGE: little designs that advertise your blog to the entire world. We would be most obliged if you put up ours! 😀 Here’s a step-by-step guide to putting up buttons if you’re new to WordPress:

1. Drag your mouse over the button until it turns blue.

2. Press Ctrl and C at the same time.

3. Go to your button page. (It’s basically a normal page like the ones you use for Home, About Me, etc. etc.

4. Press Ctrl and V at the same time.

5. Click on the button and then click on the link icon. It looks like a little paperclip and is in the little menu under your page title.

6. Type in the URL.

You did it! If you use a mobile device, just press and hold on the button until a little menu appears, press Copy, go to your button page, press on the screen until a little menu appears, press Paste, and then follow steps 5-6. 🙂

On the wings of a dream button.png

Other Lovely Buttons (Of course not as lovely as mine I’m kidding, I’m kidding):



Who has not heard of Madi? She’s so amazing – every word she writes glows.


Zielle…she’s a very close blogging friend of mine – visit her and you’ll know why.

Watercolor Button

Hannah has such adorable DIYs and quality posts – go, your eyes will be blessed.



Hey, it’s Starling! For posts filled with randomness, fun, and joy, you must go to her!

Her posts are as nice as her design, and that’s saying a lot, isn’t it?


Shoo and go meet Yashvi. What are you waiting for? GO.

button 1

This is a great blog created by my irl friend, Neria. She has amazing devotionals. ❤

Writing4FunForever button

Also by Neria – she’s not so active on both blogs, but when she is on…boom! It’s great.

a barefoot gal button

MEGAN! When I hear her name I think of dandelions and donkeys. XD


And then we have…ALLISON! When I hear HER name, I think of cameras and bunnies. 😉


Lizzzzzzy! Who can resist her charming personality? I don’t think YOU can!


Carol has beautiful posts, with a design and heart to match!


Charis has very helpful advice at all times, and she’s…just…awesome!

Stuffie Adventures Button

Stuffies!! Their posts make my year and bring a smile to my face – they will to yours, too!

Emmie is sweetness personified – please go and see what I mean. ❤

This is such an underrated blog – like seriously; Tess is da best!

From a Doll's Perspective Blog

Three cheers for Anna! She is always so sweet and supportive. 🙂

Miss Glam Gal Blog Button.jpg

Bella is such a fun and lively person – make sure to check her out!



81 thoughts on “Buttons

          1. Oh, and some of your pictures aren’t showing up on your blog. It’s just a little icon and a title. But not all of them are like that. Just thought I’d let you know.

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      1. Yeah, I replied to yours, I turned back on my follow button, I was messing around and I had turned it off and forgotten to turn it back on, sorry about that…


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