AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses

         Let's fly away on your silver and golden wings all the way to a new world where the final round of AAWC will take place. Thank you SO much for hosting this Zielle - it was incredibly fun, and it really helped to boost my imagination as well as to write … Continue reading AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses


Oh My Tags!

        Wonderful news - I have been nominated for a trio of tags by Lizzy, Rebekah, and Arunima. Coincidentally, each of these bloggers has had something exciting happen to them recently! Lizzy has a beautiful new design, Rebekah now has a brand new personal blog, and Arunima has hit 100 followers!! Therefore, let us proceed … Continue reading Oh My Tags!

My New Novel ~ Mega-Post {Updated}

         I am very happy to introduce my new work-in-progress which should have been written weeks ago...🤫(My computer brought back the touchscreen keyboard which has emojis, and I'm actually overjoyed) Anyways, it is my greatest pleasure to announce the writing of... . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading My New Novel ~ Mega-Post {Updated}

Tunes of My Heart ~ The Best Blog Tour

              So, everybody's here heard of Rebekah, right? WELL, IF YOU HAVEN'T THEN GO FOLLOW STUFFIE ADVENTURES RIGHT NOW SO YOU WILL HAVE HEARD OF IT. Stuffie Adventures is one of the best things of my life, so hurry up and follow. No, I'm not being dramatic. Yes, I'm slightly crazy.     … Continue reading Tunes of My Heart ~ The Best Blog Tour

~ The Burn//A Freestyle Poem ~

             Hello! I am sitting in an airport expecting to wait for two hours and then hop on a fifteen-hour flight. Let me repeat that, FIFTEEN HOURS. So, since I brought my laptop and the airport has free wifi, *happy dance* why not blog" So, I'm bringing today a freestyle poem that … Continue reading ~ The Burn//A Freestyle Poem ~

AAWC #3 – Where the Golden People Walk

           Whoop-whoop! It's Challenge 3 of AAWC, and do you know what? Team Summer is in the lead! 😀 Keep it up, team! Anyways, for today's story I only used on prompt:          I hope you enjoy this tale of old, (not really) and yippee for AAWC! Where … Continue reading AAWC #3 – Where the Golden People Walk