AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses

         Let's fly away on your silver and golden wings all the way to a new world where the final round of AAWC will take place. Thank you SO much for hosting this Zielle - it was incredibly fun, and it really helped to boost my imagination as well as to write … Continue reading AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses



              AH, these challenges go by so fast! :O I believe there's only one more left?? Well anyways, I'm quite excited about today's entry, and I hope you are too! So, what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!             It was February … Continue reading AAWC #5

AAWC #3 – Where the Golden People Walk

           Whoop-whoop! It's Challenge 3 of AAWC, and do you know what? Team Summer is in the lead! 😀 Keep it up, team! Anyways, for today's story I only used on prompt:          I hope you enjoy this tale of old, (not really) and yippee for AAWC! Where … Continue reading AAWC #3 – Where the Golden People Walk

AAWC Challenge 1 Entry 1

       I know, I know...three posts in a row...*sighs* Today I'll be posting my entry for AAWC - Ardent Author's Writing Challenge - that Zielle is hosting! 😀 I'm on Team Summer, and since nobody else on my team was posting pictures, I decided to go overload. 😛        PROMPTS USED: 2     … Continue reading AAWC Challenge 1 Entry 1