Oh My Tags!

        Wonderful news - I have been nominated for a trio of tags by Lizzy, Rebekah, and Arunima. Coincidentally, each of these bloggers has had something exciting happen to them recently! Lizzy has a beautiful new design, Rebekah now has a brand new personal blog, and Arunima has hit 100 followers!! Therefore, let us proceed … Continue reading Oh My Tags!


~ Little Liebsters: An Award Post ~

    I was surprised and delighted to find that both the lovely Lizzy and Sapphire had nominated me for the Liebster Award! Since, after answering both of these awards, this will be my fourth time with the Liebster Award, so please don't nominate me anymore. 😛 Liebster Award 101 Thank the person who nominated you! Answer the eleven questions! Name … Continue reading ~ Little Liebsters: An Award Post ~