Bookish Rants #1: Why Frodo Is NOT Weak

      *warning: many, many spoilers*      Hello, readers, and Happy 2019. To greet this new year – though I’m three days late, hehe – I’ve decided to start a new series called Bookish Rants. Basically, it’s rants on books. *mind-blown* I bet that you would’ve never guessed. *in case you didn’t read carefully, there’s SPOILERS*         I’ve been rereading … Continue reading Bookish Rants #1: Why Frodo Is NOT Weak

Fictional Characters: Which One Are You?

            Hello, my pegasi! I’m excited to present to you today’s post – a quiz on what kind of fictional character you are! Who knows – we might even get some villains on here. 😉 A previous post that I’ve done like this was extremely popular, so I thought that this idea would be even cooler! So, let’s begin and find if it’s so. 😊

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