AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses

         Let's fly away on your silver and golden wings all the way to a new world where the final round of AAWC will take place. Thank you SO much for hosting this Zielle - it was incredibly fun, and it really helped to boost my imagination as well as to write … Continue reading AAWC #6 – Dahlias and Roses


TCC Finale: A Karaoke for You

         Eek! Guess what? It's the last day of the collab and Christmas Eve. Exciting, isn't it? I'm eager to show you what we have for today, and if you don't like surprises, check out Emmie's epic post here: YOUR NEED TO SURVIVE. Enjoy!          Guys, EEK!! TOMORROW. IS. CHRISTMAS. I seriously … Continue reading TCC Finale: A Karaoke for You