Sunshine and Mistys//AKA Photography

            Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Yes, you too little bumblebee...and butterfly...and bird...oh well, what else can expect in mid-April? With temperatures ranging from the 20s to the 60s and weather changing from rainstorms to sunbeams, it's a typical Washington spring month. I should be a professional weather-person-thing, … Continue reading Sunshine and Mistys//AKA Photography


Misty’s Request

            One evening, Misty Marshmallow Li the puppy made a request.            "Enni," she said, cocking her little head from side to side. "What are you doing on that thing?" she pointed her nose at the computer.          "I'm blogging," explained Enni. "When … Continue reading Misty’s Request

Guest Post: Someone…Who Isn’t Human?

         I have an important announcement to make. Probably the most vital, essential-to-survive, amazing, wonderful, mandatory, delightful announcement that you will ever the experience in your life to read. Alright, so maybe not that important. However, I think that everybody would like to meet Misty.            Now, Misty is an … Continue reading Guest Post: Someone…Who Isn’t Human?