It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!

         My novel: All the chapters are the same, the characters are alike, and the plot is random and unconstructed. I would totally give this up if it wasn't for Tess - I mean, it's hard to quit a book when your friend is one of the main characters. Nope, not happening. Well, I guess … Continue reading It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!


So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

          I'm in camp. No, not the marshmallow-roasting, fireside-singing kind of camp - though that sounds really great right now - but the dreaded Camp NaNoWriMo. *gulp* We're halfway through April, which means only 16 days to write 16,000 words? GO AWAY. I'M SCARED.         You might be thinking … Continue reading So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

The Writer Type Test: Sad, Mad, or…?

Me: What should I blog today? Mind: Well, how am I supposed to know? Me:'re my mind. Mind: I resign. I think I'm going to switch minds. Me: That's not scientifically, physically, or mentally possible. Mind: I'm your mind. I create your thoughts. Appreciate me.              After a long, drawn-out battle, my … Continue reading The Writer Type Test: Sad, Mad, or…?

My New Novel ~ Mega-Post {Updated}

         I am very happy to introduce my new work-in-progress which should have been written weeks ago...🤫(My computer brought back the touchscreen keyboard which has emojis, and I'm actually overjoyed) Anyways, it is my greatest pleasure to announce the writing of... . . . . . . . . . . . . . … Continue reading My New Novel ~ Mega-Post {Updated}

~ The Burn//A Freestyle Poem ~

             Hello! I am sitting in an airport expecting to wait for two hours and then hop on a fifteen-hour flight. Let me repeat that, FIFTEEN HOURS. So, since I brought my laptop and the airport has free wifi, *happy dance* why not blog" So, I'm bringing today a freestyle poem that … Continue reading ~ The Burn//A Freestyle Poem ~