~ Who is She? ~


     Greetings! I’m a human. But you probably already know that. However, you might not know that I think tomatoes are really satisfying. 😀 You might also not know that I have trypophobia. There’s…a lot of you-might-not-knows. But because of my extreme goodness of my heart, I have decided to make you a list. So, why are you still here?! Go and read it!


  • I’m a proud Christian and daughter of God.
  • I live in the Evergreen State in the Pacific Northwest of America.
  • I have black-chestnut hair and dark eyes.
  • I’m homeschooled, like a majority of Christian bloggers seem to be.
  • Laughter and logical are my middle names! I’m logical with other people, but in my dreams…the sky’s the minimum limit. Also, I laugh at absolutely EVERYTHING. Even if it’s not that funny, I still do. I also have an embarrassing habit of laughing way longer than everybody else. XD
  • I LOVE horses, and my dream horse is a Morgan mare called Breezy. ❤
  • I love all colors of blue-green!
  • I’m an ESFJ, but as you can tell, there is dreaming mixed with practicality.
  • Writing is my sole ambition in life. I wrote my first pages when I was four; I’m saying pages because there were only like…five. XD
  • Tact is not my strong point, but I believe in telling the truth, not dolling the truth up and hiding it.
  • I’m very fond of public speaking, although I’m not one to strike up a conversation randomly with strangers. 😉
  • But it doesn’t take me long to get to know people! 😀
  • I have two older brothers, (one a college freshman and one a graduate school sophomore) whom I both love. Isn’t that just so surprising?
  • Whenever I go back to China, (both my parents were born there) the first thing that my relatives say when they see me is, “Oh, she’s so skinny!” and, “Oh, her hair’s so long!”
  • I like taking pictures, although I haven’t mastered the careful skill of photography yet.


  • I play the piano, but I hope to one day play the Celtic harp.
  • I really don’t like people who are proud in any way.
  • I also do NOT like people who make big deals out of little things.
  • And…spoiled people? Yeah, no.
  • My spirit animal is a penguin – I’m funny, clever ( 😉 ), and clumsy. 😛
  • If you say that you’re a Potterhead then I will cry. And not for joy.
  • Having said that negative stuff, I am a very enthusiastic supporter!
  • I apologize to all snake-lovers, but………….no. And you thought I was done with negativity. You know how they say if you hold a snake then you’re not afraid of them anymore? That’s not true. I’ve tried it, and my dislike of snakes went away for about five minutes.
  • Pandas, dogs, penguins, cats, dolphins, beavers, squirrels, otters, bunnies and all other things cute and cuddly make me smile, though! 😀
  • I am OBSESSED with hugs. I am known for squeezing people so hard they can’t breathe. I also have a very bony chin. They’re my secret weapons. >:)
  • I make sounds or movements that look/sound like I’m startled when I’m actually not. It’s very deceitful, I know. 😉
  • I have a weird habit of saying, “Ow!” When I accidentally hurt somebody else. Then they always apologize and I have to explain everything.
  • I’m not very fond of people who care too much about how they look…..
  • I love beauty, and I hate ugliness. Oh, and blood. I cannot stand blood and guts. Just no – please, no.
  • 20141227_115012376_iOS
  • I’m a huge perfectionist, and messes and dirtiness irritate me like no other.
  • Those who shirk don’t want to be near me.
  • I love acting. ‘specially when people die.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with killing my characters. My friend Maggie calls it my one true talent. XD
  • It makes me so happy when I get to have a long conversation with one my friends – whether it be online or in real life.
  • I have a collab blog with my frenemy Neria! She’s been my friend ever since I was born – literally. She visited the hospital when I was born. You can find it here: The Journey of Two Friends. She’s the other figure in the “All About EnniMorgan Image” since I couldn’t find another appropriate image. 😛 Oh my, she looks so fat! XD (In real life, she’s as thin as me – and I am VERY skinny)
  • I also have a poetry blog, in which I magically make the famous poet Emily Dickinson come back to life and share the blog with her. Poem in my Pocket.
  • I love the feeling of making other people proud, forgiveness, and just being happy.
  • I hate disappointment. Especially disappointing other people…
  • I’m very indecisive. 😛


  • I tend to be worried really easily, and I need a thorough assurance before I’m okay.
  •  I really love stuffed animals – they’re just really comforting. Speaking of which, check out this adorable blog! Stuffie Adventures.
  • I love puzzles – whether they be jigsaw puzzles or riddles.
  • Wind and rain = I love. I love the sad pit-pat of the rain and the wildness of the wind.
  • I don’t give up – if I set my mind to do something, then I’ll do it, no matter what it takes. So, you could say that I’m very determined.
  • I never really watch movies or tv shows, but everything on Food Network’s so much fun! Despite the fact that I’m always hungry afterward. 😛
  • Music? Hmm…I really like soundtracks. Especially Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings, Jurrasic Park, and Zootopia. You also can’t forget The Two Cellos and The Piano Guys!
  • In my entire life, I have done these sports: Tennis, Ballet, Ice-Skating, Soccer, Karate, Gymnastics, and Horse-Riding. I now do Tennis, Karate and Ballet, but I hope to be doing horse-riding soon again!
  • My favorite book series are Anne of Green Gables and Little Britches. I especially like Rilla of Ingleside and Man of the Family in those series. ❤
  • I love all the seasons, but especially spring since I was born in it. 🙂
  • Sand vs Snow: Snow for sure!


  • The worst thing that I’ve ever lost was my BIBLE. I know, I know. *cues horrified screaming*
  •  I love to draw, although I don’t claim any special talent. Now, my college freshman brother….his drawings….are just WOW. THEY’RE SO AWESOME.
  • I relate more to my second oldest brother, (the college freshman artist) in looks, taste, personality, and hobbies. My oldest brother is more into STEM while we’re into Liberal Arts. My oldest brother also is not alike to any of us in personality and physical appearance – he’s more introverted, but has a great sense of humor like all of us! He also doesn’t get mad. A very good, impossible virtue.
  •  I have two AG dolls, and you can read about them both here on my old blog:
    My Dolls.
  • I write in pretty much every genre. From murder mystery, (that didn’t last long – I scared myself) to historical fiction.
  • I love tea so much!!! Any tea rocks for me, but I especially like….hmm, why did I decide to say that?
  • I have an adorable Samoyed Puppy whom I love to pieces. You can watch a video taken by our breeder, (Polarmist Samoyeds) here: Misty. (Note: The music is rather loud, so beware 😉 )
  • Cats or Dogs? Both! Except for hairless cats…sorry, but they’re disgusting. 😛
  • I have a very sharp memory if I say so myself. 😉 I’m also very good at picturing things on other people or other…well…things. XD
  • I love lilacs, forget-me-nots, carnations, and roses…


  • I get stressed sitting still for long periods of time.
  • Okay, love-hate relationship with plane rides. I love the actual ride, but the security? And the WAITING?! Once we had a flight at midnight, so we had to go to the airport at nine, and then it was delayed…so basically, we had to stay in that freezing room until THREE AM. I was so cold – word of wisdom: No matter what, when you’re going to go on a flight, always bring a nice, warm, blanket. I didn’t, and I suffered. A lot.
  • Spiders =  -_-
  • My weirdest dream:

My friends and I were watching a video about vampires when we suddenly got sucked into the video! We were inside the vampire’s castle, (it looked suspiciously like our house)  and he was going to eat us the next day. So, we were locked up in prison. But when morning came, my second-oldest brother’s friend came prancing in with a paper crown on her head and a pretend scepter. Then she made a silly face and ordered the castle to be burned down with the vampire inside.

There’s also that one dream that includes angry friends, friends abandoning friends to be famous, friends crying, and playing chess with my karate sensei. Weird, right?

  • Favorite Subject: Latin and/or History. Neutral Subject: Math & Piano. Least Favorite Subject: English. Because all I do is classify sentences which gets pretty boring.
  • I love model horses, although I only have four. The other one is a cool horse/fox/pegasus thingy. (You can tell that I’m desperate to use a picture – can’t you?)


      That’s all about me! It’s a long list, for sure, but I hope that it’s interesting. Otherwise, I’m a very boring person. 😛 If I strike you as a fascinating person, *bows* don’t be afraid to check out some of the posts I’ve written. I promise – they don’t bite. Well, if they did then that would be creepy. But who would invent blog posts that could bite you through the internet? Uh oh, I think I just gave some evil scientist an idea. *shrinks back* Um…well…anyways, see you around!

Sing of



61 thoughts on “~ Who is She? ~

  1. I love your list! You sound like such a lovely person!
    I also have a habit of killing my characters….I mean I have to make the reader sad, what better way than to kill one of the beloved characters! 😀
    Also Anne of Green Gables is the BEST!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, boy, we are SO alike. I’m indecisive, I love pie, my favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables, I LOVE food videos and I barely watch anything else, I hate disappointing people…the list could go on and on! 😀 oh, and thanks so much for linking to my blog! You’re so sweet ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness…..we really are! Anne of Green Gables is SO awesome! I really want book 7&8. Disappointing people is the worst, I just want to cry with them. FOOD VIDEOS YUM. You’re welcome! You deserve it. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

                    1. I don’t want to leave this conversation…but I have to go play piano….I’ll be back in half-an-hour, although by that time it’ll be pretty late in your time zone. 😦 (It’s only 7:30 here)

                      Liked by 1 person

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