~ Who is She? ~


       It’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance! As you can probably tell, I’m Enni – a proud daughter of God, second-generation Chinese-American, a little sister to two older brothers, and a proud dog owner.


          You can probably find me bragging about how cute Misty is, crafting a tale, crying over plot twists, dancing my fingers on the piano, actually dancing ballet, practicing my karate skills, or studying at my homeschool.


        My favorite books/series have to be Anne of Green Gables SeriesLittle Britches Series, The Green Ember SeriesThe True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and…let’s see, The Mysterious Benedict Society! (Thank you, Megan)


           What else should I write…well, I fear clowns, snakes, and irregular holes/circles. So, the last one sounds ridiculous, but HONESTLY, IT MAKES ME CRINGE SO HARD, IT’S DISGUSTING.


       I’m an ISFJ, (probably should’ve put that at the beginning) but I call myself the Diplomatic Sentinel, because I’ve taken the Personality Test countless times, and all the personalities are either diplomats or sentinels. The ISFJ sums me up though – Tess does call me the WCM – WordPress Compliment Master. 😏


           I hope that I can grow and help people to grow through this blog, and although I’m far from it now, I’ll keep on trying!


68 thoughts on “~ Who is She? ~

  1. I love your list! You sound like such a lovely person!
    I also have a habit of killing my characters….I mean I have to make the reader sad, what better way than to kill one of the beloved characters! 😀
    Also Anne of Green Gables is the BEST!

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  2. Oh, boy, we are SO alike. I’m indecisive, I love pie, my favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables, I LOVE food videos and I barely watch anything else, I hate disappointing people…the list could go on and on! 😀 oh, and thanks so much for linking to my blog! You’re so sweet ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh my goodness…..we really are! Anne of Green Gables is SO awesome! I really want book 7&8. Disappointing people is the worst, I just want to cry with them. FOOD VIDEOS YUM. You’re welcome! You deserve it. ❤

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                    1. I don’t want to leave this conversation…but I have to go play piano….I’ll be back in half-an-hour, although by that time it’ll be pretty late in your time zone. 😦 (It’s only 7:30 here)

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