~ Who is She? ~


       It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As you can probably tell, I’m Enni – a proud daughter of God, second-generation Chinese-American, a little sister to two older brothers, and a proud dog owner.


          You can probably find me bragging about how cute Misty is, crafting a tale, crying over plot twists, dancing my fingers on the piano, actually dancing ballet, practicing my karate skills, or studying at my homeschool. FYI I do have friends. 😉


        Never, ever, ask me what my favorite book is. As soon as I decide on one I read another then I decide that that book gets the honor of being my favorite and so on. So, if you ask me that question, it will not end up well for you. I’ll either throw a book at you – probably not because they’re too beautiful to ruin – or I’ll recite such a long list that by the time I’m done you’ll be what most of my favorite authors are – deceased. :/


           My worst fears are deep water and snakes. I don’t mind deep water when I’m on top of it but I’d rather not be in it, know what I mean? Dropoffs and whirlpools scare me to death, to be honest. 😛 As for snakes…SHOO, THEY’RE NOT NATURAL. You know the saying that if you’ve held a snake, you’re not afraid of them anymore? That’s a lie. Trust me, I know. 😉


       I’m an INFP-T my birthday is on March the 27th, and my social security number is…OKAY, THAT’S ENOUGH, ENNI. Technically, I’m an ambivert instead of an introvert – even the test says I’m only 53% introverted! Oh, did I mention that I’m obsessed with stats and data like that?  😏


           Let’s see…my favorite animals include horses, donkeys, pandas, dogs, dolphins, bunnies…to cut it short, basically all mammals. 😛 Except for monkeys and apes…I’m very, very sorry but I just always thought them quite strange…though there are some that are honestly adorable. ❤


          The goal of this blog? Simple. I want people to be able to escape from the troubles of their daily life and just relax here. I can’t do that alone, of course – not without God’s help, but I hope that this blog serves its purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get reading!



71 thoughts on “~ Who is She? ~

  1. I love your list! You sound like such a lovely person!
    I also have a habit of killing my characters….I mean I have to make the reader sad, what better way than to kill one of the beloved characters! 😀
    Also Anne of Green Gables is the BEST!

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  2. Oh, boy, we are SO alike. I’m indecisive, I love pie, my favorite book series is Anne of Green Gables, I LOVE food videos and I barely watch anything else, I hate disappointing people…the list could go on and on! 😀 oh, and thanks so much for linking to my blog! You’re so sweet ❤ ❤

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