Pinterest Account #Bad at Post Titles

         Hello, folks! Guess what happened? If you’re saying July, correct! If you’re saying Camp NaNo, correct! If you’re saying this post happened, also correct! But, however, all of them are also wrong. *shakes head sadly* Now, you may be wondering how that is possible. After all, I said that you were right…didn’t I? Well, the fact is, they are actually all … Continue reading Pinterest Account #Bad at Post Titles

The Trials of Being a Morning Person

           Mornings. For some, it emits a groan and for others, a wonderful cheer. I am of the latter – and if you are of the former…*shakes head* You have no idea on what you are missing out on, people! I’m literally the only one of my friends that actually loves getting up early, so it’s always nice to find a few people who are … Continue reading The Trials of Being a Morning Person

The Evolution of Counting the Snowflakes


      Hey guys, remember this post? Some of you may, some of you might. Whether you do or do not, I highly suggest that you do not look at it. XD Why? Because a) it’s a bit cringey and b) it’s now so different that it’s kinda scary.

       Lemme walk you through the changes one by one, so you don’t get confused. 😉 Let’s start with the first and foremost – very professional sounding, don’t you think? – and begin with…*drumroll* the name!

Continue reading “The Evolution of Counting the Snowflakes”