Bookish Rants #1: Why Frodo Is NOT Weak

      *warning: many, many spoilers*      Hello, readers, and Happy 2019. To greet this new year – though I’m three days late, hehe – I’ve decided to start a new series called Bookish Rants. Basically, it’s rants on books. *mind-blown* I bet that you would’ve never guessed. *in case you didn’t read carefully, there’s SPOILERS*         I’ve been rereading … Continue reading Bookish Rants #1: Why Frodo Is NOT Weak

The Five-Minute Thankfulness Charge

        Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you recall, on my old blog, I hosted something called The Five-Minute Thankfulness Charge. (Nobody actually did it though :P). So, this year, I’m doing the same thing except with a few alterations. So, it should be fun, right? Well, hopefully. Hehe.              In this charge, you must list as many things as … Continue reading The Five-Minute Thankfulness Charge