~ Home ~

          Once Upon a Time…there was a girl called Enni. She had had a blog that her dad had created, where she posted stories that she wrote. However, soon she wanted a personal blog for herself – a blog that what is now known as Hooves & Pens.

        She blogged on Hooves & Pens for around seven months. Then she got a little tired of it, and she wanted a fresh start. Therefore, the very blog which you are now on was born. On the Wings of a Dream.

        On this blog, you can find stories, ramblings, photography, and just other, miscellaneous posts. I hope that you enjoy, and have a lovely day/night.

Sing of


56 thoughts on “~ Home ~

    1. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, SAPPHIRE!! For a new blogger, yours is too!! 😀 I remember when I started blogging…I remember the hideousness of my blog design well, we’ll say. XD
      (Aw, no problem! That stinks. :P)


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