A Lil’ Bit of an Update

          Hello, folks! *tips hat* Guess who’s popping back from her hiatus very randomly and unexpectedly? Me!

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       Anyways, I have an interesting announcement for you guys. I changed my blog design. AGAIN. But don’t you worry, now, this time it’s here to stay. 😉 So, sit back, relax, and feel free to stare. XD Of course, since you can’t view blog designs on readers which are the worst you’ll have to do the old routine of going to the site…*yawns* blah, blah, blah. ANYWAYS. Back to the more important things. Like my piano exam is in two days.

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Happy 4th Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! + Pen Pal Themed Giveaway

Hello, all! Just popping back in from my hiatus to share the news that Megan is hosting a giveaway! Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all moms – because believe it or not, parents are most definitely a blessing! ❤ Especially your moms. 😉

A Barefoot Gal

Hello everyone!

Guess what today is! If you answered that it’s either my brothers birthday, Mother’s Day, Frog Jumping Day, or my blog’s fourth blogiversary, you are correct! Since, after all, this is on my blog, I will mainly be discussing that holiday but before we start here’s a little bit on the other holidays. Besides, it would be strange if I went straight to the point, right? I gotta throw in some random stuff first. 🙂

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What’s Going On Over Here?

            Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! I’ve always wanted to memorize that speech – it’s great, isn’t it? Well, since I haven’t – yet – I’ll attempt to create an introduction with my uh, lesser brain powers. 😉

PicMonkey Sample

         You might have noticed that On the Wings of a Dream has gone through a few changes! If you haven’t, then I demand that you get off your accursed reader and hurry off to the site to check the new design out. 😛 I finished it literally five minutes ago, and since it was quite a pain to get everything all sorted out, YOU’D BETTER GET OFF THAT USELESS READER it’d be very nice if you could take a look! Hehe.

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It’s Been a Year: Reacting to My First Post

           Hooves and Pens. Some of you may recognize that name, some may not. Whatever it strikes up in you, it doesn’t change the fact that this was my very first blog. On April the 22nd, 2017, I entered the world of WordPress – a world full of something that I’d find hard to leave, a world that I personally consider wonderful.

            It feels…really weird that I’ve been blogging for a year, let’s just say that. 😛         Anyways, I’m not Long Intro’s biggest fan, so what do you say we get going? In my personal opinion, I like the idea very much. 😉

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It’s Snippet Time…Camp Update, Too!

         My novel: All the chapters are the same, the characters are alike, and the plot is random and unconstructed. I would totally give this up if it wasn’t for Tess – I mean, it’s hard to quit a book when your friend is one of the main characters. Nope, not happening. Well, I guess that’s what alpha-readers are for!

       I was down to 17,000 words when I opened the document last night – as you can tell, very behind. Yesterday was the 20th – in order to complete my goal, I have to write 1000 words each day. *gulps* So, I caught up to 19,000 before I got too tired to write anymore and went to bed. 😛

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Sunshine and Mistys//AKA Photography

            Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Yes, you too little bumblebee…and butterfly…and bird…oh well, what else can expect in mid-April? With temperatures ranging from the 20s to the 60s and weather changing from rainstorms to sunbeams, it’s a typical Washington spring month. I should be a professional weather-person-thing, shouldn’t I? XD

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So…Camp NaNo’s…Going…Great

          I’m in camp. No, not the marshmallow-roasting, fireside-singing kind of camp – though that sounds really great right now – but the dreaded Camp NaNoWriMo. *gulp* We’re halfway through April, which means only 16 days to write 16,000 words? GO AWAY. I’M SCARED.

        You might be thinking that I’m doing pretty well – the thing is, I’m barely scraping it by. Last night, I changed my goal to 30,000 words vs. 50,000 words – my original goal. Why? Because of MAY. Grr…(yes, the month)

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Trials and Triumphs: Unique Names

       Alright, so before we get going – I want you all to do something. If you are on the hideous reader, go ahead and switch to my site. I…revamped it. Don’t worry – nothing too drastic, it’s just a little bit more simplistic and well…uh…blue. XD

       All people with unique names will relate to the feeling of joy when somebody finally, finally pronounces/spells it right. Honestly, I could dance I feel so excited – literally. But…there’s other ups and downs too, which is why this post exists. Great.

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Misty’s Request

Greeting 2

            One evening, Misty Marshmallow Li the puppy made a request.

           “Enni,” she said, cocking her little head from side to side. “What are you doing on that thing?” she pointed her nose at the computer.

         “I’m blogging,” explained Enni. “When you blog, you can create a website and then write things on it for people to read and comment on. It’s really fun!”

         “I think I want a blog,” announced Misty.

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